How relationship problems reveals blocks to success and prosperity

Relationships - How to align your power and potential

"When the answer is simple,
it is God answering" -- Albert Einstein

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We are both male and female. Even though we manifest as one gender, male or female, we are in fact both energies and in order to manifest our prosperity in a physical way we must unite these two in a great relationship. Our male represents our power and our female represents our potential and our experiences.

As with all things created, the way life functions and the instinctive way we live is a metaphor of how we work inside ourselves. Man is paired off with a woman in marriage as a metaphor for the way the male and female energy within us should work together. God asks us to marry which cements a commitment. Without the commitment we will keep breaking away and not working through what needs to be healed for the relationship to materialise the "ecstasy and passion" which the initial attraction evidences.

The beauty of life mirroring our behaviour in a physical way helps us see our relationship with our power and potential as we relate to the men and women in our lives. As "disharmony" rises we are encouraged to find solutions because this dysfunctional relationship mirrors our energy which is eminating out in life and effecting everything from our health to our finances. Breaking the creative process into male and female births a phenomenal revelation that has irrecovably changed my view of my life, my power and my possibilities.

We physically manifest as a man or a woman so we get to understand the unique characteristics of each side of our energies. With separation we can easily see the individual and unique strengths and values of men so we know what to focus on to "make things happen". Likewise as women are created separate we can see her strengths and values so we know what to focus on to "improve the richness of our experience"

Divorce epidemic

The reason why the divorce rate is topping 50% is because it mirrors the brokenness without ourselves. Likewise why same sex parenting and individuals wanting to have a child 'alone' is becoming more and more fashionable. It signals the confusion and separation within all of us. Whilst we can't fix the world we can take responsibility for our energies. In any relationship the person on the outside is playing out a behaviour in us that needs healing but due to the pain it feels easier to walk away.

When we meet someone and feel that exciting attraction what we are actually feeling is the truth of the joy that is possible; we can really feel the ecstacy that is evident behind the reality. However, once we start living in the relationship the relationship starts to reveal the truth of how we are NOW! That's why the marriage speaks about commitment. Our intimate relationships shows us the intimacy within us and whether we are working together on a focused vision to experience love, life and growth.

Why is the marriage blessed?

The purpose of God's blessing is acknowledgement that within the marriage there is room for happiness. There is the potential for each person to have their dreams realised. The blessing is the power of God over the union. Whether we are talking about an actual marriage between a man and woman or the marriage of our male and female energies, the blessing exists... and this is the overriding reason why God tells us we need to commit. We have everything we need to see life prosper... but each of our genders need to be in a a powerful place... to do that each one must understand their natural gifts and be encouraged to live them out.

What we don't realise about marriage is that the initial 'sexual attraction' is the bliss we can sense exists. However, when we unite and the honeymoom period is over we then start to work on the 'clean up process' in other words we meet who we are now!. The relationship as we interact daily starts to reveals our contradictions and the ways we sabotage ourselves. As we perceive ourselves as separate we see how easily we can just walk away from a partner when in fact all they are showing us is what needs help to be loved. That is why we can pull out phenomenal amounts of patience, energy and commitment to raise a child and yet not find it for a partner; we perceive the child as part of us, an extension but a partner a separate issue.

What are my male and female energies?

In short:

  • a man plays out your power and ability to make things happen in a physical way;
  • a woman plays out your potential and the ability to raise the quality of your experiences.


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