How to release success by revealing an almost x-ray vision into your sabotaging beliefs

The Never-Before-Revealed secrets
about a crucial layer of vision you probably know nothing about

See The Matrix around you and Tap into its FULL POWER

A practical Handbook

equipping you with x-ray vision of your life, sucking you into
a discovery of yourself in a brand new way.

How to see sabotaging beliefs in your unconscious mind


What others have said...

"I'm stunned by your book. I didn't expect it to be so mind-popping. Your Mirror process explains how we create our reality better than anything I've EVER seen---including my own books. This is a breakthrough, freeing work that I wish everyone would get, read, and practice. What a gift to the world!" -- Dr. Joe Vitale, No.1 Best-Selling Author of "The Attractor Factor " and "Spiritual Marketing and contributor to The Secret movie"

" Wow, I've been walking around with my eyes shut. Fantastic. My business has increased 3000% in the last 4 months and I really feel in control now. I used to feel so powerless against forces I thought I couldn't control - the Mirror is wild, everything has taken on a whole new meaning!  Instead of looking for a bigger apartment, I'm now looking for two! I'm telling everyone about this." -- Peter Netz Lassen, Copenhagen

"This technique gave me goose bumps! I have been in the business of Network Markeing for over 12 years and have attended hundreds of very high level training seminars on personal power and attracting wealth. Your methods are so inspiring it still leaves me with goose bumps and was shocked to see my partner moved into taking notes." --Lone Kofoed, Denmark

"The Mirror Technique has immediately changed a life-time habit in just 20 minutes!  A habit that was sabotaging my personal health and ultimately my business which is "health and nutrition". These FUN techniques access my power to fool my sabotage mechanisms in a way that I find absolutely unique and amazing. The techniques are simple and yet have the power to inspire me to action in a way that no-one ever could.  This is exactly what I have been looking for." -- Anitta, Denmark

"Annemarie, I have to say it again, I'm so grateful for the opportunity to attend your seminar about the Mirror Technique. That Sunday afternoon was one of the best days I ever had   - it was a revelation - I found the gate to the answers I have been seeking for the past 20 years! " --- Nina Vincentzen, Denmark

"Power Surge was so provoking I had to read it again. It totally changed my view of lifeand put into question everything I'd taken for granted. I´m 70 now and really wish I could have read this when I was young ...everything about my life would have been very, very different" --- James Doolin, Nottingham, England

"When I originally accepted Annemarie's book for review, I expected her writing to be like any other book I've read in the past. In short, I expected Power Surge to be a ho-hum read for me but I was wrong!

Naturally, when I read a book, I take periodic breaks between chapters to give my eyes a rest. However, after starting Doolin's book, I found I couldn't put it down! I literally devoured every thought- provoking page and actually read the book twice! Annemarie is a masterful communicator and helped me understand:

- How to "think" myself to reach success.
- Why things happened in my life, and how to prevent them happening again.
- A magic formula that works anytime, anywhere... to create the wealth I desire

.... and so much more!

The power of thought is an amazing process. Annemarie Doolin takes this scientific wonder and puts it into a no-nonsense, easy to understand solution with her book.

If you ever longed for a blueprint showing you exactly how to get from point A to point B; how to turn everything bad into everything good; and how to change everything you say and do into a successful outcome -- this book is a must-read for you!

Do yourself a HUGE favor, grab a copy of Annemarie's book and find out what has been holding you back all these years and how to fix your problems... once and for all! When you're done reading her book, your life will never be the same!"
Rozey Gean,

Download Power Surge and turbo-charge your business, career, health and relationships

Use it to get all the things you're dreaming about:

  •    Debt free
  •    Dream car  
  •    Luxury home
  •    Successful business
  •    Loving relationship
  •    Headling and optimal health

This is how my life was 3 years ago:

  •    No job
  •    No home
  •    Living with my parents (age 38!)
  •    Miserable
  •    In debt
  •    Lonely

Thanks to this new formula, life is drastically different.

How's my life changed so far?

  •    I live with a wonderful, loving and generous partner;
  •    We live and work in a lovely home and now working on our next home project with business center (pictured below);

How to attract your ideal home with Power Surge


  •    Worrying about the bills is a distant memory; I feel in control.
  •    Business increased in profit by 3000% over a 4 month period;
  •    I get up when I want;
  •    I spend my day doing what I am passionate about and feel fulfilled.

If you'd told me three years ago that I'd no longer be working a job, be living with a wonderful partner in a wonderful home, have written a book or be giving seminars, I'd have asked if you were on drugs!... news is that life is only just warming up!

Power Surge helps you attract the wealth you are aching for


  •   a new layer of vision uncovering all the hidden places you're leaking power;
  •   ability to measure the power behind everything from a pen to your home;
  •   a phenomenal way to use men and women around you to magnetise wealth;
  •   a wild way to use shopping to activate your power;
  •   a wildly unique filter to remove all 'resistance' to wealth;
  •   a magic formula for using 'boring, domestic routines' to reach your goals;
  •   how to jump the learning curve - you can't learn what you don't know exists;
  •   unfair advantages in business - knowing whether a client is right for you;
  •   a formula to give you back full control of your power in a situation;
  •   ability to out smart your hidden agents who don't want you to succeed;
  •   an end to hit and miss decisions;
  •   real achievement at the end of every day;
  •   ability to turn your emotions into wealth;
  •   how small changes effect everything - bathroom cupboard effects your business;
  •   a nuts and bolts ways to create results with what you already have;
  •   deeper truths Einstein didn't have time to discover about the law of attraction!
  •   a phenomenal 16 hour plan to keep you from being sick, broke and stuck;
  •   a layer of vision that lays out 'abundantly obvious' decisions;
  •   a 'game'concept that creates real results in 16 hours;

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You haven't heard this before...

If you think you've heard it before, I assure you this will be new for you...

I haven't come across anything like it and I know it'll turbo-charge your success like never before.

Twenty five years studying the masters of self-development and exploring a wealth of healing techniques, uncovered a 'unique formula' ...its roots cemented in quantum physics, its branches crossing dimensions and aligned with universal laws.

I realised about 4 years ago that I could 'see' something about the energy dynamic in the physical world that most people couldn't're going to be so excited with what you will achieve ...and guess what, it's so freaking easy and staggeringly powerful!

POWER SURGE will uncover amazing secrets about the hidden messages in everything from your home to the pen on your desk.

Take what once seemed useless information and translate it into a goldmine. You will love the amazing results you can create with your new talent.

All those frustrating questions you've been asking are being answered, it's just that you weren't furnished with the instruction manual... it's not your fault!


Things don't 'just happen' and life is not 'just the way it is'. It's awesomely scientific and mathematical.. You've been playing a game without the rules or the manual. Well, now you can get the low down on how to win... you're gonna laugh about how life was one day, I promise.

Learn about the hidden language blocking you from a wealthy life.


A bang on the head, an argument with a door, a shopping trolley rammed into your ankle, a car light smashed, a bust-up with your partner, a broken window in the bathroom... they are telling you want to do next... you just need to understand what they are saying.

End lack, struggle, loveless relationships, poor health...

The physical world consists of billions of units of energy in motion. Energy clustering together, moulding itself into people and situations by you. You are totally responsible for everything you experience, you just forgot.

When you're asking why things suck or why you're not getting results, everything in your life is COMMUNICATING BACK TO YOU think because that pen was there when you moved into your new office it has nothing to do with you, it just happens to be there? NOT SO

Take this extraordinary opportunity to uncover the secret coding and reclaim your power NOW. Positive thinking just ain't enough!

Create a power surge by uncovering the sabotaging scripts written into everything around you!


"All truths are easy to understand
once they are discovered; the point is to discover them."
-- Galileo Galilei

'Problems cannot be solved at
the same level of awareness that created them'
-- Albert Einstein


Do you want to discover the hidden messages in everything around you, win your own game and have a blast doing it... you can NOW!

I’m already doing it!

Imagine this scenario: You spend a weekend reading the book. You start using the formula straight away and you get inspired and intrigued with your new vision - life just took on a whole new meaning. All those old situations you took for granted or resigned to 'just the way it is', came to life again.

You're excited.

You feel more in control, more interesting

You know there are things you can do right now to improve your situation and your feel empowered again.

The following week, you have a dinner party or a business meeting. There's always some conversation about how difficult life is. You casually suggest making one vital change in an intriguing way which has everyone listening.

You're suddenly more visible.... You're interesting... Your product is more interesting (afterall people aren't interested in what you have to sell until they know you care). People remember you. You're in the know. They're going to want to know what you know... and why are you so happy to share this information? 

Because you feel so in control of your own life and can see how much control you actually have.  Control is such a powerful factor to us all.

And for the rest of your life, whenever there is a conversation about how life sucks and how difficult it is, you can say with a very confident smile "Yeah, that's what I used to think".

Discover the secret messages in everything around you. Equip yourself with a revolutionary way to attract success in the time it takes you to read ONE book.

Download Power Surge and start empowering your unconscious mind geared to attracting wealth and prosperity

Go from feeling out of control to
feeling IN CONTROL OF YOUR GAME in One Weekend
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