What are relationships dying to tell you about how to align your power and potential for explosive results

What hidden insights do relationships reveal,

about how you can get your power and your potential
on the same page
... and release more prosperity?

One day I had an out of body experience that turned my perception of life inside out. This vision helped me understand why I was suffering deep depression without no seemingly outer trauma happening in my life. This experience helped me understand that the room I was standing in was a physical expression of my mind. As I explored the messages in the outer world showing me the mirror God opening up my eyes to discover the lifechanging insights about men and women.

Feeling in control!

Imagine if you could wake up each day confident that your decisions were going to create something great especially in every relationship; never mind who they are or how they behave!

Imagine that you didn't have to keep doubting yourself or thinking you're missing out because of something you should be knowing, somebody else you should be or other things you should be doing? Imagine getting out of bed feeling in control even though the day didn't go as planned; thing might even look impossible!

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God left all the footprints to follow

God left all the footprints to win the game on Earth right under our noses but they can be missed for a whole lifetime. Be fascinated by how you work and how you work your unique way to happiness. Discover a very selfish, ingenious way to speak and treat others and start an avalanche of favour rolling in your direction!


"Marry yourself" hands you a remarkable, mind-blowing, eye-opening revelation about men and women in your life, what they tell and show you about yourself and how they are key to fulfilling your dreams and falling completely in love with yourself.

You always knew something was missing didn't you? As a series of light bulb moments start to join up the dots, you awaken an exciting feeling of being in control. You will laugh at the game you're involved in and the lucidity of circumstances which once seemed so concrete and insurmountable.

Nuggets you don't want to miss...

 How can you be male and female? Page 1

  If you are both genders why are you physically created as one gender? Page 3

  How to save a marriage you think you need to give up on Page 9

  The 3 simple step question that provides power to adjust your male and female Page 13

  What marriage and its commitment reveals about marrying all aspects of yourself Page 20

  Why men and women have specific characteristics you should respect Page 46

  Why the dark forces are after the male in you and how to block them Page 61

  How people around you need to be winning and how you can fix it Page 90

  What is sex and the orgasm trying to teach that you may have misunderstood Page 102

  Why is there so much emotional chaos at the menopause/mid-life period? Page 123

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Hidden Blueprint

When God made the world he didn't waste energy. Everything made was made for a reason, was made to work together and was made to prosper. The signs have always been there but we have not been aware of them. The Bible reveals them but like most things in life (just like a troubled relationship) we see what we want to see instead of what is actually being revealed.

There are many lifechanging footprints screaming at us from the things we take so much for granted. In fact most of our answers are usually closer than we think as Marry Yourself reveals.

It's not what you have, it's how you are using it

Annemarie's books will likely stun you...

"I'm stunned by your book. I didn't expect it to be so mind-popping. Your Mirror process explains how we create our reality better than anything I've EVER seen---including my own books.
-- Dr. Joe Vitale, contributor to The Secret movie.* * *

"Wow, I've been walking around with my eyes shut. Fantastic. My business has increased 3000% in the last 4 months and I really feel in control now.* * *

"This technique gave me goose bumps! * * *

"These FUN techniques access my power to fool my sabotage mechanisms in a way that I find absolutely unique and amazing. The techniques are simple and yet have the power to inspire me to action in a way that no-one ever could. * * *

"That Sunday afternoon was one of the best days I ever had - it was a revelation - I found the gate to the answers I have been seeking for the past 20 years! "* * *

"It was so provoking I had to read it again. It totally changed my view of life and put into question everything I'd taken for granted. * * *

"When I originally accepted Annemarie's book for review, I expected her writing to be like any other book I've read in the past. In short, I expected it to be a ho-hum read for me but I was wrong! ... after starting Doolin's book, I found I couldn't put it down! I literally devoured every thought-provoking page and actually read the book twice! Do yourself a HUGE favor, grab a copy of Annemarie's book." * * *

We live in a world where every physical object and experience contains intangible instructions within it. Get the full picture today!

You have been trying to make changes without knowing the full story, it's been kind of a hit and miss scenario.

"Marry Yourself Before You Slip Away"
brings to light,
truths about the instructions you've been giving to your circumstances
that you were completely unaware of
OR didn't think they were significant...
which are hurting you!

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