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Video introduction to a new perspective on prosperity

"I am stunned by your book!

That's what Dr Joe Vitale, featured in the movie The Secret, had to say about 'Power Surge'

Housing yourself in life mirrors how you house yourself in your home. If you have watched the video above you will now be introduced to a new vision of your outside world. You can see that your home and personal spaces and how you describe, use, maintain and feel about them... are what you believe so far. Yes, you may know deep down that it is not the real you, however the rest cannot materialise whilst there are still so many contradictions written into the instructions behind the scenes.

If you were able to jump into the energy matrix within your home or your body you would see amazing instructions that you cannot see in a third dimensional reality. This site is here to help you acquire a form of x-ray vision so you can see places where you are haemorraghing power without realising it.

Things are absolutely not what they appear to the naked eye. Everything in life is a physical expression of how we operate inside. We build individual rooms because we have differing compartments in our mind. We have a place responsible for nutrition (hence we build a space and call it a kitchen). The function where we leave our physical realm and 'rejuvenate' and 'renew' is what we call the bedroom.

We have felt compelled to construct doors because within our mind it is often necessary to focus on one area and not have access to all parts of our subconscious processes simultaneously.

If you look at how our homes evolve it is a precise mirror of how our use of our mind has evolved. We expect more luxury, comfort, help with activities. Even if you travel and look at how people build their houses you can see the mirror of how they live inside their minds generally. Richer homes become gated or hidden and separated simply because it mirrors how we need to 'separate' from behaviour that keeps us poor.

Anything broken or needs fixing?

You've only to think about the things you 'meant to fix' or how the smallest of things stay in a state of disrepair for longer than you dare to say. These things mirror what is happening in your mind and moving on because you are busy' (though feels easier) isn't. Everything in life is being effected by the condition of our mind so stuffing the broken handle in a drawer is sending that vibration through everything from our bank account to our relationships.

Something breaks to alert us that something within needs changing or repairing. As we see the item as 'separate' from us we easily dismiss these things.

We cannot read someone's mind by how they live. Only you the individual can reveal your own beliefs. Let me demonstrate with an example.

Piles of papers: Evidence his mind is disorganised!

I once worked for a company director whose office looked like a bomb site. Everywhere you looked he had piles of papers stacked two metres high. From the outside I might wrongly assume that he is just a lazy filer or sloppy.

This guy was very well groomed, highly intelligent (some would say brilliant), very sophisticated, highly successful and a brilliant communicator. These qualities did not match up with an assumption that he was disorganised, lazy or sloppy.

I was always curious and would often ask him if he wanted help with the filing. Every time I brought a file into his office and attempted to put it into an appropriate file in a cabinet he would always stop me and insist it go on his desk.

One day whilst we were out socialising I asked him if he had any dreams about marrying. His reaction was alarming. He was totally offended and made it clear that it was a very personal question and totally inappropriate. I was blown away by his reaction it was so unexpected.

In that moment I understood the piles of paper. His need for privacy signalled mistrust and the need to control what people did or didn't know about him. Any time I would go into his office and ask for a file, his ability to retrieve the precise document in a pile that is two metres high was mesmerising.

I knew in that moment that it was his way of making sure no one could go into his files and find information without him knowing about it.

Hence the seemingly perceived disorganised, sloppy outer world was in fact evidence of a need to be in control because of mistrust.

That's why we cannot use this information to judge others. It is your individual feelings and description that reveals the true beliefs causing the experiences on the outside. The magic key is asking why to everything we do and keep.

Where our mind goes, reality goes and vice versa

In the above example, it would be hard to attract a partner that could display trust whilst those piles of paper continue to swamp the office. As the piles were in his office, the first obvious revelation is that business relationships would be hard to experience trust or relinquish less control.

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