What is your home dying to tell you about your prosperity?

Your HOME, OFFICE & PERSONAL SPACES are full of HIDDEN SECRETS about why the life you want is still escaping you...

from your driveway to the handles on your kitchen cabinets.

Fact is that everything in your home, office and personal spaces are significant and everything from the cushion on your sofa to that hidden box in the garage behind the pile of tools are effecting your bank account, your relationships, your career and your health.Get yourself a copy of Home Your Wealth and uncover the blind spots in your life blocking you from the life you want.

This is not Feng Shui or anything related to energies influencing you that didn't come from you... this book is about you, your power and only your answers.

Where in your home can you unblock your prosperity?

Discover whether....

  • your bed is blocking your career;
  • that sitting room carpet is the reason why life sucks despite hoping;
  • the handle on the bathroom cabinet is attracting ineffective staff;
  • that cracked window is blocking a solution to your money worries;
  • the bedroom light is causing constant stress on your body;
  • that picture of your mother is blocking a new relationship;
  • the 'new home' you are viewing is the right property for you;
  • the new house you are building will get you what you want.


By applying simple exercises in Home Your Wealth to your home and spaces.

Think about this... the richer people become, the more attention they pay to their home and the finer details in their home. The wealthier people become, the more meticulous they become about cleaning and organising their wardrobes and it doesn't matter whether they are male or female.

It doesn't matter whether they are born affluent or grow from very humble or poor backgrounds; a specific attitude towards their home and how they live in it establishes itself firmly in nearly every case. A science that drives their behaviour without them being so aware of how it happens. They begin to take more pride and more interest in 'houses' and property that once upon a time they would probably have laughed at.

The biggest investment any of us will ever make in our lives is our home and that's because our home holds the secrets to our success (or why it's being held back).


Home Your Wealth... financial freedom through your house, home and personal spaces

Book testimonials for Home Your Wealth

"I'm stunned by your book. I didn't expect it to be so mind-popping. Your Mirror process explains how we create our reality better than anything I've EVER seen---including my own books. -- Dr. Joe Vitale, contributor to The Secret movie.

" Wow, I've been walking around with my eyes shut. Fantastic. My business has increased 3000% in the last 4 months and I really feel in control now

"This technique gave me goose bumps!

"These FUN techniques access my power to fool my sabotage mechanisms in a way that I find absolutely unique and amazing. The techniques are simple and yet have the power to inspire me to action in a way that no-one ever could. * * *

"That Sunday afternoon was one of the best days I ever had   - it was a revelation - I found the gate to the answers I have been seeking for the past 20 years!

"It was so provoking I had to read it again. It totally changed my view of life and put into question everything I'd taken for granted.

"When I originally accepted Annemarie's book for review, I expected her writing to be like any other book I've read in the past. In short, I expected it to be a ho-hum read for me but I was wrong! ... after starting Doolin's book, I found I couldn't put it down! I literally devoured every thought- provoking page and actually read the book twice! Do yourself a HUGE favor, grab a copy of Annemarie's book."


Where in your home can you unblock your prosperity?

Nothing in your life is there by chance. Nothing is down to luck and everything you create in your life is brought about by you. You attract into your life 'a mirrored experience of who you are' at any given time.

Perhaps you are hearing this for the first time and feeling this is nonsense because regardless of what life looks like, what house you live in or what car you drive... you feel you are actually BIGGER than this and everything is own 'temporary'.

Sound familiar?

Well, this feeling is actually a feeling for the majority of people. However, even though we can live long into our nineties and still hold these feelings and senses about ourselves as more, isn't it interesting that for the majority of us, these ideas of ourselves never really reach that experience physically, no matter:-

*  how hard we work;
*  how often we wish life was different;
*  how much we talk about the kind of life we want;
*  how much money and energy we invest in 'change'...

it never materialises even after 70 years or so! Getting a copy of Home Your Wealth can change all that NOW!

Get your home to uncover your wealth and prosperity

Get your home to uncover YOUR wealth!

It doesn't matter what your circumstances are right now as regards your 'home' situation. You can make significant changes with what you have already.

It doesn't matter if you are renting, a home owner, have only one room, 10 rooms and only live in 2, looking to move home or planning to build your own house... everything you need to create what you want is written into the walls, windows and furniture (or if you are in the stage of building your home... the plans!).

Home Your Wealth will show you how to see INTANGIBLE BLOCKS as to why life is not the way you hoped and how you can use everything in your home to establish what you want NOW. Asking vital questions about your personal spaces and your furniture will reveal truths which you can now manipulate the way you want.


Where in your home can you unblock your prosperity?

Unconscious beliefs in your home are blocking health, relationships, business and financial success

In order for life to get clearer, your vision needs to get clearer (and by the way, this is not your fault, you didn't know this layer of vision even existed!).

We live in a world where every physical object and experience contains intangible instructions within it. Get the full picture today!

The challenge is that you have been trying to make changes without knowing the full story, it's been kind of a hit and miss scenario.

Home Your Wealth brings to light, truths about the instructions you have been giving to life that you were completely unaware of OR didn't think they were significant. You get to see how the science of your life is being built so you can make absolute sense of why it is the way it is... then, knowing how it works, you get to make EMPOWERED CHANGES this time.

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The irony is that when I was at school I failed all the sciences... physics, chemistry and biology. I had to use everything I could muster just to stay awake in science classes. I couldn't see how they could possibly be necessary in my life, how could studying amoebas and getting a light bulb to work get me a house, job or car?

That's why I choose to use Albert Einstein as a cartoon. Science is actually fun and exciting. Perhaps if school had taught me how I could use science to get my dream home or that gorgeous black Rolls Royce Phantom. I would have stopped glaring out of the window, paid attention and been able to save myself from experiencing the feeling of dread and nausea wondering how I was going to pay bills... on way too many occasions!

Life is truly a game... however it is a VERY SERIOUS GAME. When you are losing, it is devastating. I know first hand what it is like to lay awake with your chest pounding and head thumping with worry. Hiding bills in drawers because you are just too scared to open them.

So use the science of the game to WIN. END that feeling of not being in control and being pushed around by life and living the life you don't want.

Ideal Home, Ideal Life - get started today!

Secrets hidden in your house and office spaces

If you want to know how to get what you want using your home and personal spaces... get a copy of Home Your Wealth right now.

Follow the step by step exercises and go through EACH ROOM/SPACE removing the hidden blocks once and for all.

You will be amazed at what you learn and how excited you become.

The book is in digital format and Kindle format so you can download a copy and get started within minutes.

Change your life by changing your home book

Go from feeling out of control to
feeling IN CONTROL OF YOUR GAME in One Weekend
(ebook in cross-platform PDF format).

Unblock your mind so prosperity can flow using your home and personal spaces

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