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You are the last to see your genius show up

Your genius will provide great prosperity

Fulfillment and prosperity can often delude us because our perspective is upside down.  Prosperity comes to us as we put our genius out into the world to deliver and free others. As we seed our gifts into others’ our life will become more fulfilling and prosperous. If you don’t know about this process, the confusion can cause you to miss the mark not only in your own career/business but in other people’s gift in your life. Sometimes we must see the master and perfection in our own behaviour before we feel worthy to help others… this is completely upside down.

Here’s the juice. You were born with an amazingly God-given power in a certain area. This power reveals itself by your passion ‘to fix something’ because it makes you angry. (My book Self Discovery helps you understand this and get clear about your assignment.)

In order for you to become powerful at helping others in this field you need to experience every aspect of being without this quality. The reason being that, whilst at a spirit level it is a natural gift and you do have what it takes to help people in this area, in the physical world, there are people to whom you must communicate and help. In order to communicate and have empathy and understanding you must experience and fully appreciate their need. In order to help you must understand what it is like to be without this gift and all the experiences it causes.

My genius: Pure Vision

Let me demonstrate the illusion in my own life.

One of my gifts is focus (we can include clarity too). I instantly see the conflicts, contradictions and lies in a situation which many people are oblivious too.

Now in order to appreciate every level of focus, I must experience every level of being unfocused.

For most of my life, when asked a question or thought about something, I would feel a download of what seemed like a million pieces of information. So much, that most of my younger life was spent alone. I was a loner and didn’t talk much. I felt there was so much to say I couldn’t even collect a sentence… so I didn’t bother, I was too overwhelmed. I felt a huge conflict between my spirit and what I could manifest into physical.

As I moved into business with my husband and started looking at how people run a business and how they communicated it online I would see with crystal clarity how they were missing the mark. I could cry because I want people to win. As a business owner I know how much heart, soul, energy and money goes into running the business and yet I could see that people weren’t even clear about what their product is.

The worst scenario is trying to put my own websites together. No matter how I try, I can’t seem to get the vision down into a concrete form. I have spent weeks on projects and when I step back and look at it, it is far from the clarity I know exists in my mind.

In other words, I can help other people, but when it comes to me, I can’t seem to nail it or at least it never feels like it!  You may be able to relate to this.

The genius plan compelling you to prosper

The genius in God’s plan is that the more you feel frustrated that you can’t make it work for yourself, the more empassioned you feel to go out into the world and help others because you have to nail it!

 Indirectly it looks like we want to fix it for other people but ultimately all drive is motivated from within. The heart within us pushes us to take action so it can find peace. The more I help people with their focus and clarity, the more my life will find its natural focus. As the frustration ensues on the inside it shows up on the outside in people. As we can see it more in others than we can ourselves we feel compelled to fix it. Brilliant!

That is the prosperity plan

What you need to cement inside yourself you must put out first as the inside is a mirror of the outside.

That said, the person who is servicing:-

  • Healing… will always feel degrees of pain and damage;
  • Meditation… will always feel unsettled, confused;
  • Financial freedom… will always experience financial challenges
  • Electrician… will always have unattended appliances at home!
  • Self Confidence… will always be troubled by a lack of self confidence

Without going through every level of our genius, we are useless to the world. With no problem to fix, we have no drive and we become useless. We only attract money when we solve a problem

If you won’t learn from a flawed teacher, you have missed the gold. Your best financial teacher is most likely the one who knows what it is like to be on the streets because they will fully understand what you are going through.

The question is, have you discovered what you are consumed to put right or fix and are you helping others with it?

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