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Prosperity can be offended but how?

Prosperity is confused when we feel offended

“Being offended” is an emotional condition. It is a disturbance caused by two opposing voices within our soul.

Being offended is a state of confusion and it is confusion that stops movement. The need for movement is an instinctive and critical part of our nature encouraging us to keep moving. That is why God demonstrated this law so prominently in the nature around us as the trees and plants grow new fruit every year and then release it ready for a new crop of fruit.

When we feel out of control the pain is in essence because we cannot see in our mind’s eye a situation that is moving. That movement can begin to flow again once confusion is removed. Confusion holds us in a hellish place, caught between what we sense can happen and what isn’t happening.

Stop being offended, clear up your confusion

Feeling offended is a call for help

Feeling offended is an alarm call from our spirit asking us to clean up the confusion. It calls us to ask “Is what I am hearing what I believe and stand by or not?“. Once you are clear about what you believe it means you have investigated all aspects of your mind, spirit and emotions and have drawn a conclusion with which you feel at peace. The goal is always peace!

When you are offended it means you have not decided what you believe, if you had, you would not be emotionally disturbed.

People do not offend you, you offend your own truth!

Other people do not offend you, they provide a platform of information to help you discover where you are confused. Nobody can climb into your body and press an emotional button that says anger, it is under your control.  Any area you have where you feel offended is an opportunity for you to open up a flow of favour where it was once blocked!

  • If you believe you are intelligent then a world full of people calling you stupid cannot offend you;
  • If you are aware that you are sensitive in your actions then no suggestion that you are insensitive can disturb you.

When you take offence be aware that you are now admitting, “I am a victim of my own confusion“.

Victims do not have power over anything.


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