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Unhappy pills and depression, where’s my u-turn?

With any form of unhappiness in life the perfect solution lies precisely where the problem is… and as the depression is within us we must first accept that the solution is within us.

The word depression means slump and sunken. This ‘withdrawal’ is our body and mind showing us that we are not seeing clearly. It is a natural and healthy mechanism which helps us know when we can’t see where to go. Usually we withdraw because we do not have a vision. In our mind we cannot see ourselves in a situation and so the body requires no energy to move. It can be explained as disillusionment or lack of hope.

When I hear people saying they are tired I give them the lottery test to see what the real problem is. I ask “If you had won the lottery right now and you had to be on a plane to the other side of the world in two hours to collect your cheque, could you do it?” If the answer is yes, they are not tired. They are tired of their situation and cannot see a picture for which they can bring up passion and energy.

If the answer is” No, I couldn’t” then the solution is either a lack of rest, richer nutrition in their diet or some changes in environment and activity that stimulates the mind in some form of joy.

All energy is not contained in the body. Everything is energy. We do not have a finite source within us that we either use or keep stored. We can draw on energy whenever we need it. If we are feeling a lack of energy we are essentially saying we are lacking “me”. It is an alert to crucial parts of ourselves not getting expression.

I managed to get through the first 20 years of my life whilst fighting feelings of suicide. Back then I didn’t have the information to help me understand what the problem was so I couldn’t find the solution. However, a deep profound optimism that had to be God sent me on a search. I always had this mechanism inside me that couldn’t accept medication. Please don’t misunderstand and feel judged in anyway if you take medicines… it was not because I was in any way stronger (heck I was suicidal)… but it was something God put in me to steer me to seek answers that were part of my mission here on Earth.

Stress – Confused

Stress on the other hand is when we live out of alignment with ourselves. It is like having your foot on the accelerator and the other on the brake. It creates as the word describes… strain. If you drive you can almost smell the burning that occurs. It’s not because we are too busy necessarily, some people are much more active than others and do not experience ‘strain’. It is simply that we are not honouring our true personality. When we don’t do this, no amount of eating right and exercise can compensate, the links in the chain will snap.

Being alive, able to move around and sustain a physical life is one thing but we were not made just to live… we were made with a specific mission in mind otherwise we would not have been necessary! When we deviate from this mission, our mind alerts us through our emotion, i.e. our Energy in MOTION.

Why did I want to die?

In short because I didn’t know how to live. I now recognise all the reasons why my body wanted to give up and die… it had no reason to be alive! My whole body kept telling me I was in the wrong place. I knew my lifestyle was wrong, that it didn’t fit me but then I didn’t know how to change it. I couldn’t see myself in a picture that energised me… only ones that didn’t… I didn’t know enough about myself because I wasn’t trained to ask… and then allowed to express it. Fortunately I had parents who (though I know must have worried terribly) let me travel the world to find my answers.

Every day I went to work I knew I hated working on someone else’s terms. I even recall my first day of work at 16. My boss came in and gave me a task and my mind was screaming “Can’t you do this yourself?

I learned that I need times where I must be alone. I know when I don’t get ‘movement’ I get ‘stuck’. People used to wonder why I would start walking 10km without a specific reason. I had a reason, I needed to ‘move’. That critical personality trait to move has since been balanced into me being able to move ‘creatively’ so I can express this need in more ways.

However, the fact remains that when I don’t get a sense of movement either through exercise or through my creativity moving something or someone… a slump comes over me. A slump of disillusionment, helplessness, frustration… you can pile all kinds of emotions in the bag but it’s still the same thing… I am not living in alignment with the person God made me to be.

Start a lock down!

We live in a world today where we have so much stimulation that we barely have time to even think about who we are and what we want…. let alone take action on it. Behind the smiles and the shouts that people are happy is unhappiness in all kinds of differing degrees. We are all suffering, Earth is hard.  Unnsubscribe from things that have no bearing on your visions for your life right now.

Switch off the phone. Only read emails that are critical. I was away from my desk for sometime recently. I logged on to find 300 emails. I scoured the mails for anything from three close friends. Then I did a block ‘delete’ of the whole lot. Try it! I just saved a couple of hours to take tea on the balcony with my hubby 🙂 If you have trouble doing this, ask why and feel how much the world has control over you… could that be why you might feel drained, tired and worn out?

What YOU can do….

No… let’s forget this part… you already know lots of things you can do in terms of diet and exercise but if you don’t have the support to get you started let’s be really practical!

What GOD can do…

What happens if you are depressed, stressed and know what to do?


After 50 colourful years on this Earth I have reached some sobering, humbling conclusions:-

  • We cannot help people as much as we think!
  • Nobody does what it takes… people do what they want to and feel they can!
  • Life is not fair, that is a fact. We are born with cellular memory that is uniquely complicated. When we conquer something it is because we either can, have little resistance to or the timing is right. We are not born equal and do not have the same equal opportunity; we have AN OPPORTUNITY. The only equalising factor will be injected through prayer for God’s help.
  • Life is not easy, that’s why we need God!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Why would we need Jesus Christ if we could do it all ourselves?

Pray to God to bring you to the centre of your anointed mission where you will find true fulfillment. You were born with a purpose, depression and stress all come from not living this purpose.

Trying to navigate through this overwhelming modern world without God is (in my experience of Earth) unimaginable… some years ago I thought I could handle it alone, now I know I can’t and I’m relieved! We all need love, help and support! Someone once said that if you think you don’t need God it’s because your dreams are not big enough.

I have experienced deep suicidal living. I have experienced earning $40,000 per month. I have experienced going through my pockets looking for money for food. I have experienced feeling on top of the world and super fit, lean and healthy. I have experienced crying because I am getting fat and can’t fit in my clothes.. I have experienced extreme aloneness. I have experienced living with a fabulous, loving and generous husband who I spend 24/7 with… so how can these extremes happen when I am full of such incredible wisdom, have proved how capable I am and achieved great results? Why do I hit mountain tops and then yet experience dark, scaring valleys?

…to show me how to be humble and realise I need God!

Whatever you are going through… an up or a down…cast your cares and worries to God and to the blood of Jesus Christ“. Outside of your reality right now are legions of Angels instructed to help, to protect and guard you. Lean on God, stop trying to figure it all out, just do what you can and stop feeling bad about how your life is. You are God’s masterpiece no matter what your outer world (or Facebook) suggests 🙂 Get down on your knees before you go to bed and tell God “Help me God, I need you!” Like any father, He likes nothing more than to be believed and to be useful. Then focus on what is happening behind the scenes, not in front of you.


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