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Story: The hidden jewels to your success

Jane’s Story – Key to her Prosperity

This story demonstrates how to take one simply project within a business and see clearly how we cause the circumstances we do. Jane’s story demonstrates that behind the seemingly insignificant situations, our answers are staring us in the face LITERALLY.

As you read the story do your best not to focus on the details so much as sitting back and seeing the story more as a metaphor of what was happening inside Jane’s unconscious mind. Look at the words in red to help you shape the metaphor.

Once upon a time there was a shoe store owner called Jane whose business was called The Unbelievable Shoe Store.

This shop was located on a very quiet side street about 30 metres off the main shopping street in the centre of a major thriving city. Furthermore, when you looked at Jane’s shop it was not obvious it was a shoe store as the window was essentially full of handbags with the odd shoe next to it!

One day Jane decided that she wanted to increase the prosperity of the business and so she decided to hire someone to improve her sales on the internet. The person she decided to employ was Paul whom she observed and felt confident that Paul knew what he is doing proven by his own prosperity on the internet.

The advice Paul gave Jane was to build a new online shop as it was actually easier to rebuild a new strong foundation that included flexibility to expand in the future rather than try to work with her old shop as it is.

Paul also advised Jane that she will get what she pays for when she invests on the internet (as the internet is a precise mirror of the physical world) and if she decides on choosing a cheaper option then she will not save in the long run.

The project began (with the procurement of a cheaper webbuilding option).

The project continued to hit problem after problem due to miscommunication, confusion and insecurity as Jane was withholding access of passwords etc. to facilitators so they could do the work for Jane without having to use up Jane’s time and focus.

The project’s deadlines came and went and although Jane had paid the investment it was still not bearing fruit. She was still working with the old shop online and though the structure of the new shop was coming along it was fraught with problems.

When Paul called Jane to see how things were progressing, he could tell that Jane was very upset and she didn’t want to talk about it. Paul called her on it and enquired “What exactly is the problem, what is holding things up now?

Jane said that the webmaster was having problems integrating the fields for the new shop’s database with the old shop.

Paul made it clear to Jane that these must be resolved and a solution must be agreed upon otherwise all the investment in terms of time, money and energy is wasted. Jane was too frustrated to resolve it and instead went on to talk to Paul about employing his services in some other activities to increase the business until this was finished.

Paul made it clear to Jane that she was trying to sidetrack her own goals. Goals that would flourish if she completed the project. Paul was very keen to see Jane succeed. One of the reasons why he accepted the brief was because he saw Jane’s potential in the business and so encouraged her to stick with the strategy he foresaw would do just that.

Meanwhile Jane turned her focus onto other things, one of which included flying spending thousands of dollars flying to the other side of the globe to attend a healing and transformation course.

Seven months after the deadline and having made a large investment, the project was still unfinished and the new shop still a work in progress.

The Solution to Jane’s Hidden Prosperity

No activity, conversation or relationship in our life is random or coincidence. ‘We bring to us that which we are’ but because it is disguised, we can’t see how to retrieve what is of value and what is unfruitful and oftentimes we simply assume that the ‘stuff happens‘.

Jane’s story starts with a business that is UNBELIEVABLE.

Whilst you may have assumed another impression on “The Unbelievable Shoe Store” and immediately read into the name ‘An amazing shoe store, perhaps bigger, more interesting or better priced than others’, the truth is that all words ‘put into action’ the instruction of their meaning.

In the case of the name of Jane’s store this is “a store that is not believable!” or to be precise (as Belief means “to have confidence and faith in”) The Shoe Store that has no confidence or faith.

Taking a more realistic view of the shop name now you can see that Jane declared a statement. “The Shoe Store containing lack of confidence and faith”. That said I can imagine that Jane has had to work extra hard for any success and possibly why she wanted to save money on the shop update.

Jane has probably had to invest much more on every level that she would otherwise have had to. In fact Jane is a successful business woman so it is very exciting to ponder how much more fruitful she could have been if the mission had been more clearly intended in the first place.

Before you get sidetracked into protesting that you can’t just change the name, I agree and it is not necessary. That would be like saying “Dear God, I have the wrong name of my Birth Certificate, just knock me down and have me be born again and start from scratch”. If that were the case I would have been erased long ago!”

So if you have an Unbelievable Shoe Store then this would explain why the shop was on a side street away from the CENTRE OF THRIVING LIFE and the evidence of its lack of confusion and faith was evidenced in its front window in that what is was supposedly selling was not obvious. The lack of confidence and faith was now filtering through to the shop front just as the law of attraction dictates.

Perhaps you are already starting to see how the detail in what we do is significant and what we intend within what we do must be clear because it will either taint everything we touch or prosper everything we touch.

It comes as no surprise that Jane wanted to increase her shop’s sales. She trusted her instincts and opted for Paul whom she had concluded had proven results. As Jane has already proven herself a successful business woman, it was prudent of her to trust her instincts. The reality is that all our answers are often other people talking back to us but because they are separate we don’t claim the glory of accepting our own wisdom and genius.

Paul started a project transforming the dynamic of Jane’s OLD shop online into a NEW shop online but what ensued was full of confusion and mistrust. A couple of issues presented themselves which lead to ‘a problem integrating the OLD with the NEW’.

Many issues were caught up in this slow-down… namely choosing a cheaper option and therefore the webmaster was not the rightly qualified servicer, holding back access to passwords so people could get the job down without disturbing an already busy Jane, and confusion in the communication of the original project. All of these issues originate from a place of lack of confidence and faith!

I am guessing that Jane concluded that another expensive healing course would fix things. I guess she figured that when she came back she would be armed with a magic solution and everything would somehow have changed. Perhaps she felt she needed something extra when Jane had already proven herself a genius! I confess that I have been around the mountain a few times in this regard.

What actually presented itself to Jane with this new venture was an opportunity to ‘heal the lack of confidence’ and the only way to do it was to complete the transition from the old to the new shop.

This project was the physical manifestation of the belief systems within Jane’s unconscious mind and by focusing everything she had on completing this would have opened up a new chapter. Jane herself chose the ‘advisor’ and Paul advised the new shop so this is what Jane’s own instincts were telling her. If Jane hadn’t felt good about Paul and chosen him anyway then she would have been going against her instincts so what ensued would not have been successful.

The beauty of Jane’s story is that it is a perfect example of what we all do on a daily basis but that’s because we don’t necessarily know that what is happening outside is telling us what is happening inside and if we translate what we see using the words in the situation (precisely as they are uttered), we are able to see clearly what we need to do to flourish and cause a life transformation.

There is always a solution in every problem we face. It is a spiritual law. The Law of Polarity states that everything that exists has an exact and equal opposite. So where a problem exists, so lies the solution.

Jane’s story demonstrates how our mission in any given task, if not defined clearly, corrupts everything related to it to the exact same degree whether that be a business mission, a specific project or what we intend from a relationship.

Jane started out with an Unbelievable Shoe Store. From the onset it was clear that everything was going to cause circumstances not to become all that it could be.

The name caused the shop front to become visually another type of shop;

The name caused the shop to be located alongside the major thriving centre of life (close but still not on it!) which means that Jane (wether she was conscious of it or not would often have felt so much potential and yet frustrated that it never came to fruition the way her intuition was telling her was possible).

When she wanted to ‘upgrade’, the same dynamic expressed itself in the new online shop database in that it could not integrate with the old. It meant that somewhere in Jane’s subconscious there was a resistance about this transition. The new represented ‘improved confidence’ and so the resistance showed up in this project literally mirroring Jane’s mind.

In fact you could probably examine deeper and predict that the staff were also causing problems and when looked at more closely any disappointment would have originated out of ‘lack of confidence and faith’; maybe people were employed who were actually doing the wrong job because they didn’t feel they could do the job they were actually good at?

What could Jane do to power up her success?

So given these circumstances and not being able to just knock down the shop or easily move the location what could Jane have done to improve her success?

The New Online Shop Project

I explained earlier that as far as the project goes Jane needed to bridge and solve the ‘integration’ of the shop problem to a successful conclusion. The integration problem was within Jane’s subconscious and therefore if she resolved the outward expression of this disconnection she would in fact heal the integration within her mind.

However, going back to the source of the mission of the business which started with the naming of the shop this is what Jane can do to create a viral effect of prosperity and healing.

Shop Name

Jane could include on her site, shop window and merchandising a clear statement that COMPENSATES and REINSTATES the lack of ‘confidence and belief’ inherent in her business.

Keep in mind what I said that what happens in the physical is simply the outward expression of our minds and if we want to ‘cement’ a truth into reality we have to play with the physical objects, words etc. to mould them into what we clearly intend.

Jane could have addressed the ‘unbelievable’ with a statement like:

The Unbelievable Shoe Store, the perfect place to find your perfect shoe.”

I have just taken an impulsive stab on one idea but you can see that the statement that is added includes confidence and faith. It redresses the energy instigated by ‘unbelief’.

If Jane did not believe in the statement she starts cementing into her promotional material then this would not be appropriate.

I suspect that this change would bring about a more fruitful business. This could manifest in many ways. It could mean that suddenly:

  • more customers are hearing about her shop;
  • a satisfied customer with a large customer list recommended Jane’s newsletter and her subscriptions have increased wildly;
  • it could mean that the shop could actually change location and suddenly a lucrative location becomes available at a great price;
  • she suddenly has an influx of new staff who are worth their weight in gold, etc. etc.

We cannot predict how our minds change the fibre of our circumstances but if we take control over what we see happening and re-programme it the way we want, we can be confident that what happens will be in alignment with the intention defined in the changes we made.

In Jane’s case it was to cement ‘belief’ and eradicate the ‘unbelief’ which meant this would have had a viral effect in every activity in the business from the shop window through to the accountant the business attracts. It would have cleared up the effects of “no confidence”.

Every aspect of our lives can be powered up and transformed by looking into the detail of what we are saying. Looking at what we are intending with the use of words… anything from what we chat about to the name of our company or what nickname we give to our car!

Uncover the destruction under your nose tainting everything your touch by taking a closer look into your Home and Office Spaces.

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