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  • Are you feeling offended, it is because you are confused

    Prosperity can be offended but how?

    “Being offended” is an emotional condition. It is a disturbance caused by two opposing voices within our soul. Being offended is a state of confusion and it is confusion that stops movement. The need for movement is an instinctual and critical part of our nature encouraging us to keep moving. That is why God showed this law…

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  • Home security mirrors inner security

    Are you housing yourself in a secure way?

    Living with a feeling of insecurity in your home can create a ripple effect and repell improvements you were hoping would come about. I recently broke both my wrists at the fitness centre because of feeling very insecure. I only had a square metre of space but what I was feeling caused a big problem. I could feel …

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  • Treasure map to find your prosperity

    Prosperity treasure map

    I never had a plan in my life but my life went from deep depression and constant suicidal feelings to a rich life. Your dreams are inside you buried beneath layers of misguided ideas of who you are. This mess comes about because of contradictions in your beliefs which are written into every physical thing in your life. To understand where the contradictions are…

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  • Computer mirror human behaviour and unconscious mind

    Computers: the mechanics of how you prosper

    For years I was frustrated at why I spent so much of my time having to learn about webpages and source code so I could help my husband in our business. One day in a moment of explosive frustration my husband shouts “Aaaarrggh I wish humans were more like computers!” I laughed. “They work exactly like computers” I replied…

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  • Prosperity uncovered by your favourite dog

    Our true, natural, divine traits that show us the path to our prosperity and potential are written into everything we are attracted to. Look more closely at your favourite dog breed and how you feel about dogs to discover more about your path to success.

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  • Business prosperity; selling product or process?

    Business Owners – Are you clear about your product?

    Many business owners are so involved in the business strategies and daily running that they fail to discover what their real product is. Perhaps this is you? Your product is not art, meditation, books, computers, cars, supplements, therapy, etc. These descriptions are your process. The reason why your customer is motivated to part with their hard earned money is because they foresee a specific benefit in their life, are you defining these and promoting them?

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  • Prosperity through courage to be yourself

    Here is an exercise to help you get clear about your unique path to living a prosperous fulfilling life. You might want to get a piece of paper just to help you see yourself in print. What we are doing with this exercise is re-cognising you with your divine, unique personality. This exercise demonstrates how you are attracted to that which you are. Who you truly are is your winning formula.

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  • How does a woman bleeding effect you?

    Male and female ‘nature’ tell you how to win and what we must go through. We are all male and female inside. We manifest in separate genders so we can see the true characteristics so we know how to ‘marry’ them within. However we never got the manual and so prosperity gets held back as we muddle through! One prosperity signpost is reflected in women bleeding every month…

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  • Prosperity: Life is not fair

    For decades I believed that life was fair and that we are all equal, probably but it was one of those things I assumed without really digging deeper. The laws of nature work for everyone but the laws are not the problem, we are. Nor do we change when we have had enough pain, this is nonsense. Pain sends us inward wanting to pull back from life. Only joy and pictures of happines motivate us to put in effort; we are not stupid…

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  • You are the last to see your genius show up

    Fulfillment and prosperity can often delude us because our perspective is upside down. Prosperity comes to us as we put our genius out into the world to deliver and free others. As we seed our gifts into others’ our life will become more fulfilling and prosperous. If you don’t know about this process, the confusion can cause you to miss the mark not only in your own career/business but in other people’s gift in your life…

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