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  • Story: Prosperity in the furniture

    In this story, Annemarie is actually me, the author. My life was changing in amazing ways, in fact I was attracting success in areas I wasn’t even aware I had thought possible. I had found my dream man, was enjoying the luxury of working from home and doing what I am born to do.

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  • Story: The hidden jewels to your success

    This story demonstrates how to take one simply project within a business and see clearly how we cause the circumstances we do. Jane’s story demonstrates that behind the seemingly insignificant situations, our answers are staring us in the face literally.

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  • Business online success

    Since the development of the internet considerably more businesses are conducting business online and like all new developments in life it can be many years before the realities of benefits and liabilities are realised. Being able to put together business online much quicker has altered our perspective and moved us away from the fundamental requirements of a customer. We can get too close and too caught up in creating to see the writing on the wall… give your business the test!

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