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  • Annemarie Doolin – Bio

    Annemarie excelled in the area of business and finance management and was asked to lecture in this field. She chose to work in the corporate world for twenty years, however she discovered her real passion lies in the exploration of ‘consciousness’ and the science of how we ‘create and manifest’. She began her interest in metaphysics with an introduction to Astrology at the age of eleven. Deepening her experiences in self-development and healing, Annemarie qualified as…

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  • Prosperity spotted in your relationships

    What do your relationships reveal about how to align your power and your potential? In short, your relationships show you the relationship within yourself and for prosperity to flow the dynamic must be reflect what prosperity stands for… …a thriving, flourishing condition. OK so what does that mean?

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  • Prosperity attracted by your nutrition

    Your body: where it goes determines your prosperity.

    Everything in your life right now has been attracted into forming itself that way due to what is in your mind. In other words, where your mind goes your physical reality goes. As your mind and body are perfectly interconnected, this means that we can switch the relationship around and see that where your body (physical reality) goes your mind and emotions go. That said, take a look at the situations in your life and see where you take your self (as opposed to where you think you are going!)…

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