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  • Get into your comfort zone

    I am guessing that at some point in your self improvement journey you have heard someone tell you to “get out of your comfort zone”? Ignore it. Although what is being said is very well intentioned, the laws of creation are not executed by intention. Intention might be a goal but words are the instructions we give to energy to shape itself into physical form; to ‘bring into being’ (whether that be something good or bad). In pursuit of a successful and prosperous life, getting out of…

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  • Struggling in your relationships?

    Take a good look at your partner – pay attention to what upsets you!

    Divorce and relationship breaks up are sadly becoming fashionable. If we really knew the truth behind the dynamic of our relationships we would not walk away so lightly. If our partner is a man, they are playing out the behaviour of our own dynamic of POWER (the ability to make things happen in the physical). If our partner is a woman, they are playing out the behaviour of our own dynamic of POTENTIAL (the quality of the experience of all your activities and resources). The problem is not that we decide to end the ‘commitment’, the problem is that too many people walk away without taking responsibility for what they are doing that causes the ‘pain’. We walk away because we feel we are not in control but we are!

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  • Discover your authentic self, discover your money

    Your unique Assignment and why it must be recognised

    Each one of us have a unique Assignment. We are created on purpose with a unique job to do. This assignment is so unique that every other place on the Earth is lacking because of it and we carry it within us. It is so unique and important that a band of angels are assigned to protect us and guide us until it is completed! If you study everything that was ever created or will be created it is only created to solve a particular problem. Money is attracted to us only as…

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  • Prosperity attracted by your nutrition

    Your body: where it goes determines your prosperity.

    Everything in your life right now has been attracted into forming itself that way due to what is in your mind. In other words, where your mind goes your physical reality goes. As your mind and body are perfectly interconnected, this means that we can switch the relationship around and see that where your body (physical reality) goes your mind and emotions go. That said, take a look at the situations in your life and see where you take your self (as opposed to where you think you are going!)…

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  • Self Development Conference in your Sitting Room

    I’m guessing if you are reading this you are a person who is very interested in improving the quality of your life. I’m even hedging my bets that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in all kinds of personal development books, courses, seminars in the pursuit of more success (great news… determination always pays off!).

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  • Decision is a recipe for success

    Distraction is our #1 enemy to success. Our world is awash with information, advice, solutions, alternative choices and it is not the information which is the problem, it is our inability to be ‘certain’ enough to ‘commit’ to the recipe and follow through. The irony is that if we felt like making a chocolate cake and bought a cake mix, we would not doubt that if we follow the recipe on the back of the box the cake would turn out exactly like the one on the front…

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  • Success is Held back By the Emotion of Guilt

    Success is held back by the emotion guilt

    No matter whether you study the philosophies laid down by religions or whether you study only the science of human nature, the one constant destructive force is guilt. Even psychiatrists will affirm that conditions can be resolved much more easily than is hoped if only they could get the person to let go of guilt’ held about the situation. Most people have no idea how much guilt they carry around each moment of every day. Guilt about the past, what they’ve done…

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  • Power Surge Book

    Practical handbook: a new discovery of your matrix

    Power Surge is a practical handbook equipping you with an almost x-ray vision and sucks you into a new discovery of your life as a Matrix. Uncover deeply hidden blocks to your success and fulfillment. This book enables you an overview of how to see your matrix. Power Surge demonstrates your relationship with everything in your life from a light bulb to your car…

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  • Welcome to Make Success Easy Blog

    Magnetise wealth with what you have right now!

    I know you may have come here chasing words like “success, prosperity, personal development, etc.” but that’s not why you are here. You are here to free your heart and let it have what makes you happy. Success simply means to achieve what you set out to achieve… someone who is working three jobs or even involved in crime is a success! Personal development means you need to become more or need more; you don’t you are enough now…

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  • Success: Breakthrough is One Step Away

    Successful living is more of an illusion than maybe you realise… we assume it is harder, requires more effort, more time and more energy to achieve change than is actually required. Right now, one change in one area of your living is going to effect everything else, it has to, it’s science. Science is no respecter of people, opinions or backgrounds.

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