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  • How a door handle can turbo-charge success

    How a door handle caneffect success

    Quantum physics proves that everything in your physical reality is, when examined under the microscope, billions of units of energy surrounded by space. If you put your hand under a microscope, you would see it was made up of tissue. Magnify the tissue and you can see your cells. Magnify the cells and see them split into molecules, split again into atoms. The atoms will magnify again to reveal…

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  • Home your wealth – Book

    Change your life by changing your home

    Your home, office and personal spaces are full of hidden secrets about why the life you want is still escaping you. Hidden blocks in the subconscious matrix of your mind can be revealed and dissolved using your home. In order to transform yourself, your habits need to be consistent which means you must be doing something which can be done during your current day. If not, chances are it won’t happen regularly. What you discover in your home will amaze you…

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  • Nutrition – is yours enough to get rich?

    Link between prosperity and nutrition

    You cannot have been alive over the last six months and not come across the suggestion that the globe is in chaos. Even though I don’t watch the news or buy newspapers, still some bright spark couldn’t pass up the opportunity to suggest that I should buckle down the hatches, stock up on food and be prepared to lose my home. What nonsense! Imagine for a moment that for the last six months you had been away from any kind of media …

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