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  • Prosperity waiting are you reading the signs!

    Prosperity; you don’t need more information, you need revelation

    If you have read my past articles you will now know that a woman is revealing elements about the condition of your potential… and a man, revealing elements about the condition of your power. OK, so let’s imagine you are experiencing upset between you and your partner or you and other close relationships. It all looks devastating, you feel out of control, your heart hurts, you are angry and frustrated… but it feels a lot worse than it actually is. Freedom and breakthrough is much easier than you imagine.

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  • Prosperity attracted by your nutrition

    Your body: where it goes determines your prosperity.

    Everything in your life right now has been attracted into forming itself that way due to what is in your mind. In other words, where your mind goes your physical reality goes. As your mind and body are perfectly interconnected, this means that we can switch the relationship around and see that where your body (physical reality) goes your mind and emotions go. That said, take a look at the situations in your life and see where you take your self (as opposed to where you think you are going!)…

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