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  • Power Surge Book

    Practical handbook: a new discovery of your matrix

    Power Surge is a practical handbook equipping you with an almost x-ray vision and sucks you into a new discovery of your life as a Matrix. Uncover deeply hidden blocks to your success and fulfillment. This book enables you an overview of how to see your matrix. Power Surge demonstrates your relationship with everything in your life from a light bulb to your car…

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  • Success Principle: Serve or Suffer

    Serv(ice) or Suffer – Success or Misery It is becoming overly apparent that the miserable experiences that have been happening within our lives have been happening because we have misunderstood ‘how’ to make joyful experiences happen. Life is essentially an illusion but it has taken …

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  • Einstein, The Universe and Leadership

    Ever since serving a hitch in the military, I have been nagged by the question that’s been hanging around leadership since time immemorial: How can some leaders persuade people to believe in them and follow them and other leaders can’t? But it wasn’t the military that …

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