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  • How easy is self development really?

    Self development:just suited to certain people?

    The bottomline is that self development and creating changes in our circumstances is in fact very simple, however, not easy! In short, everyone has the ability to create change and it takes the same degree of ease no matter who you are and regardless of your background and education. Change requires repetition of a new behaviour for your body to establish new neural pathways. Put simply, whilst you may ache for a change in your circumstances, your body fights the change…

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  • Ever stopped to figure out Who You Are?

    Every stopped to figure out who you truly are? Your success is attached to who you are.. but you are not being you are you? Find out how to be your true self and tap into your TRUE success. The answers are simple but we are used to living in a complicated way, i.e. completely off-track. We are living with conflicts and contradictions of ourself and that is why the Universal Bank cannot find us. Clean up the chaos and confusion once and for all and discover your personal joy.

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