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  • Secrets Blocking Your Success

    For the last twenty five years, I’ve explored so many areas of metaphysics and spirituality. Bearing in mind what’s available today, you can imagine how many CDs, books, tapes etc. by the world’s highly regarded masters, I have stored away. ‘Stored away’ being the point! …

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  • New short-cut to make all your dreams come true

    Inspired action is any action based on an inside nudge.

    In other words, an Inspired Action is when you suddenly get a desire to drive to the store. You may have no idea why you need to go to the store right now. But something within you is urging you out the door. Follow that hunch. It may lead you to your goal. At the store, you may meet the right person. Or find the right product. Or pick up the right magazine that will lead you to completing your dream.

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  • Fail your way to the top

    Fail your way to the top

    Have you had a challenging day or week? Maybe you’re feeling a little tired or feel discouraged with a current situation. Maybe you are ready to throw in the towel and quit something. We all go through times of feeling that something in our life sucks, and all we can see and feel is the mess we are in.When you feel that deep discouraged feeling, take a look at this report…

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  • Each Success is the Beginning of The Next One

    Each success is the beginning of the next one

    When I hear people say things like “It’s impossible to do more!” I always smile to myself and think, “I’ve just started!” It’s just a great way to feel. I’d like you to have that feeling, too, because it’s like having stepping stones in all the right places just waiting for you to see them. Sometimes it helps to minimize your achievements to yourself so that you will be eager to do more. You might say, “Yeah, that was good, but I’m just getting warmed up” as a way to keep yourself challenged..

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  • What is Genius?

    What is Genius?

    Paul MacCready is a writer and inventor who has carefully studied genius and the ways people understand that concept. MacCready has evolved several categories of what genius seems to mean, and these can be useful starting point for defining what genius really is. In the first category is what Paul MacCready calls the “everyone agrees” geniuses. These people are the great icons of civilization, including Einstein, Leonardo daVinci…

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  • Einstein, The Universe and Leadership

    Ever since serving a hitch in the military, I have been nagged by the question that’s been hanging around leadership since time immemorial: How can some leaders persuade people to believe in them and follow them and other leaders can’t? But it wasn’t the military that …

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