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Success: You know so much you are missing it!

You need revelation not information

We are living in an age overwhelmed with information and ideas. The pain you might be feeling in your life feels heavy and overwhelming not because the solution is simple but because you are weighed down.

Weighted down by both information and options and weighted down by the pain and exhaustion of the place you have been in for a long time. You’ve have heard the expression I am sure “you cannot see the wood for the trees“, there has never been a time more apt for using this wisdom.

You are overqualified. You have been sold the story that you need more, must be more, seek more, act more… let’s call it ‘self development’.

Your success lies in the opposite direction… you need to rip, strip and filter.  You do not need to develop and become more you need to discover the genius in front of your eyes.

Discover your true self and life it to see prosperity flow

Your answers to a successful and prosperous life are simple, to hand right now and are little things you do every day which are gradually burning a hole in everything else. Your wildest dreams in your heart have been put there by the God that made you. Don’t dismiss them, they are your truth and the way to your total fulfilment.

Keep It Simple Silly (K.I.S.S.)

I love observing children because they hold the answers to true happiness. They are only interested in what uplifts them and they keep pursuing it until they get it. They will use every strategy they can think of.

Let me give you an example of how a few little things you are doing daily are destroying a  marriage, emptying bank accounts, causing people’s bodies to become sick, splitting up families, failing businesses, etc.

Two major reasons cited in divorce are “leaving the lid off the toothpaste” and “leaving the toilet seat up“.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? How did these cause such devastation, separation and pain in a family’s life?

The defiance not to honour the partner’s request day after day caused a mountain of disrespect emotionally. Because neither one of them would either put the lid back on or change the way they asked for the lid to be put on caused pain that festers. With each passing day the pain got heavier and started to colour all the areas of life.

Success was as far away as a sentence or putting the lid back on!

The marriage could have blossomed into something spectacular. Each partner could have loved each other enough to have each one pursue their deepest desires and happiness and then both would have experienced even more of a fulfilling life… that’s the point of marriage… two is more resourceful than one!!

But did they really know this? I suspect they were overwhelmed with stories of marriage breakups and statistics and “the times” and it’s because of men or women and the heaviness of carrying the unrelenting anger made the situation look insurmountable.

Revelation – Your outside  is a mirror of your inside

If they had really understood that how they treat people is the experience they have in life they would have made it their mission to make sure their partner’s wishes were met. They would have loved the person and not defiantly withheld a simple gesture (just because it wasn’t important to them).

They did not either know or accept the SIMPLE SOLUTION that would have revolutionised their success.

You are closer to your miracle breakthrough than you believe. The healing to every pain you have is truly simple. You are making a mountain out of a molehill. You are closer to your miracle than you are taking time to see.

The revelation you are looking for is under your nose right now… you don’t need more of anything. Get off the tv, the internet, facebook and away from your friends and ask what is the feeling that is colouring everything black. Make a decision and then unsubscribe from every other contradiction, opinion idea that distracts you.

Question – What is your vision in your heart?

What is it you want that you feel you are not getting… and by the way, the answer is never money… money is something you want to give you something… what? It is not major, the destruction is major because of these little things that you don’t pursue.

If you are a business owner you are overwhelmed with busy-ness because you have forgotten the simple, common sense behaviour of your customers. Customer motivation will be and has always been, the same. Stop letting the world fool you!

Rip, strip out and filter the mess to see your prosperity and success

Remember a journey is simply small steps completed over and over. Your dreams lie in small consistent steps. You don’t need more, you are spectacular, you are a genius and you have no competition. Your heart knows how it wants to live so stop listening to everything and anything.

Follow your joy and help those around you to follow theirs. Stop making it complicated, don’t let the world fool you… have you seen the world lately??

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