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Success story, healing power

Success story, healing power

Success was just one scream away for Jonathan

As I was waiting for the healing workshop I was attending to begin, I noticed this guy wondering around the room who made me a little nervous.

He could barely stand up straight and was walking and talking as though he was drunk and/or on drugs. He was incoherent and his cardigan was hanging off one shoulder as the right side of his body seemed unable to hold itself up.

I knew the facilitator was a very aware guy and would not have allowed him to be here if he was not invited so I let my nervousness go.

In the throngs of people raising issues to be healed, this guy, Jonathan was provoked to stand up. We sensed his anger as he started to provoke a tug of war with the healing facilitator.

He moved into the centre of the room and we were guided by spirit to all stand around him, hold hands to provide a circle of ‘support and love’ which is a basis for healing.

Personal transformation in just a minute We were not prepared for what followed! It was like watching a miracle unfold right in front of our eyes.

Jonathan began to scream and scream and scream and scream… continuously. I was completely distracted by the preoccupation that the hotel staff were going to come in and throw us out it was incredibly loud!

This scream seemed to ensue for what seemed like ten minutes though actually it was probably only a minute or two.

When he stopped we observed that his face had changed.  He took a moment and then started to walk back to his seat… only this time he walked perfectly straight.

As he was asked how he was doing his speech had completely corrected itself and he spoke perfectly coherently. We sat open mouthed in astonishment.

We were absolutely amazed, we could hardly believe our eyes. We were quietly curious about how people around him would respond when they met him again. Due to the dis-ease in his emotional body causing the dis-ablement… Jonathan had been banned from the family home and had apparently been out of work and squatting with homeless colleagues.

A screaming success as Jonathan is reborn.

Which kind of career will attract your prosperity? This was not the same man any more. In a matter of minutes Jonathan had totally changed his being and his new possibilities were endless where minutes ago it all looked so hopeless.

Ironically though… it didn’t look hopeless to Jonathan, he clearly had hope evidenced by him showing up!

Who’s to know how he has suffered in his life and what terrible experiences he has lived through… but what it took to change that was the submission of a $200 fee… the effort to get on a bus and show up… and the vulnerability to trust a bunch of strangers to let him scream.

Emotions are energy in motion creating or destroying what you want The anger within Jonathan had built up such that it had dislodged his spine and caused imbalance in a number of other processes that effected his ability to stand up straight and speak… that’s what a pent up ball of anger can do!

Can I encourage you to think about where you are holding anger, resentment, bitterness and unforgiveness and get rid of it, it is hurting you in ways that are not perhaps as visually obvious as it was in Jonathan.

It could be a ball of emotion that is causing everything from your health and job to your relationship with your partner and your finances to struggle. All emotions have a density (that’s why we feel ‘heavy’). The only person whose life is being stifled is yours.

Whatever the reason for the emotional build up you need to let it go… it is not harming the other person!! Forgive, write a letter and burn it, speak it out and then give what you can’t fix to God.

Help to dissolve negative emotions

A great tool is the CALL Formula in my book Power Surge, it walks you through conversations so you can see how the destructive emotional energy radiates out like a tsunami into every area of life. More importantly, the CALL Formula demonstrates how to completely turn this around in a very simple way! Remember the story of Jonathan, a scream rocked his world, that simplicity is available in your life too.

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