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Success Principle: Serve or Suffer

Serv(ice) or Suffer – Success or Misery

It is becoming overly apparent that the miserable experiences that have been happening within our lives have been happening because we have misunderstood ‘how’ to make joyful experiences happen.

Life is essentially an illusion but it has taken us the best part of the last century to discover this… but now we know!

The ways we have tried to fix the problems could never really have worked.

One of the fundamental illusions is that we have not understood that we must ‘give to get’ because our giving is a concrete demonstration to the creative force of how SERIOUS we are about this activity (if you have read Power Surge then I remind you about your Crew).

Let’s use ‘business’ as an example to demonstrate this principle.

A business’ success is dependent on how many ‘satisified’ customers it can secure. The income from any business is presently in the hands of customers and they will not part with that money until you have offered something to them to add to the benefit of their life.

Furthermore, if that benefit continues to be on offer and satisfies all the customers’ needs in terms of availability, price, delivery, adding more pleasure to the person’s life… then an exchange is secured and will continue.

The reason why I use business as an example is because it gives us an opportunity to detach and look objectively at this life changing principle.

The life of a business is really synonamous with the life of a person.

We want more from life but we are not prepared to give more and I hasten to jump in here quickly and stop you from imagining ‘giving more’ requires anything more than you already have. This is a total MISCONCEPTION BY YOU.

The Universal Bank works on the principle that you will attract that which you are. If you are a ‘taker’, the outside world will constantly ‘take’ from you.

If you are sitting evaluating whether you believe yourself to be a taker or a giver, make sure that when you take into account your actions you include your thoughts and feelings ASWELL (this might change the picture somewhat!).

So many times we give a material resource but what we are truly thinking and feelings could be in complete contradiction!

You have the opportunity to start a new life today. Forget the past, let it go, what’s good about it will pay off anyway, start afresh and here’s how:-

1. Be a radical giver of your time, energy and resources. Let go of waiting until everything is perfect.

2. The Universe can only work with a channel initiated BY YOU. It doesn’t matter what that channel is.. it could be a conversation, a thought, a flyer, a letter, an email, a gift, a helping hand.

Treat every resource you have which you can serve someone as a bag of magic dust.

Stop deciding whether you think it is good enough or perfect enough.

You have absolutely NO IDEA what the universe can do with it but if you don’t do anything we can determine what the Universe will do with it!


We fail to serve the world on a daily basis because generally speaking we are too self absorbed.

Our daily lives are focused on taking care of ourselves so we do not serve.

Not sure?

Well think about what you did with your time, energy and resources yesterday.

Was it all about you???

Let me provoke your conclusions and offer a little to help to get clearer about your level of service:-

Breakfast – YOU
Travelling to work – YOU
Working – YOU
Lunchtime – YOU
Shopping – YOU
Children – YOU
Cleaning – YOU

Children? You might argue that even the children are not about you but if you sit down and get real about this you will find that ultimately whatever you did it was ultimately intended to make you feel good. Did you go next door and offer to look after the neighbour’s children??? If not, ask why and you will see that it is because they are not yours right?

You think working a job is serving? Ask the question that if your company didn’t pay you would you still go in? No? Then really the motivation is your pay check… i.e. you again.

Even if we think about serving whether it is a friend or in business, we get caught up in the ‘where this will go’ and this is NOT your domain, this is where the corruption in your efforts occurs.

If you have a business you have already experienced this I am sure.


Maybe you are looking at your internet business and you are not putting out resources into the public domain to serve because you feel it’s not good enough.

You are waiting until you have studied all the internet materials, you need to understand how to gleen millions in traffic, and you can’t put up your site because you haven’t figured out how to capture all the customer details… and on and on it goes.

So guess what… nothing happens.

* You share nothing;
* You give nothing;
* You serve no-one.


Imagine the Universal Creative Force as Big Brother.

All the Big Guy is doing is  STUDYING THE NATURE OF YOUR THOUGHT, YOUR FEELING AND WHETHER THERE WAS A PHYSICAL ACTIVITY and then he is going to mirror this back to your reality in the form of your experience.

Your level of service determines how much you want to be served.

The creative force matches your efforts and before you fall into that trap again of concluding what you consider ‘effort’ to mean, I remind you that the effort to send an email containing a sincere, heart felt compliment when you want to complain is CONSIDERABLE so don’t dismiss its power. Attitude is something we choose and is totally under our control.

Adopt a totally non-selfish attitude to having all your selfish needs met. You might even want to play the most powerful game you can play for the most exciting stakes???

What game?

From the moment you get up, clock as many acts of service as you can (without counting the cost to you or more importantly, trying to figure out where the return will come or whether it will make a difference…

…because even if you do try to figure it out, your possibilities will be very limited compared to what can  come if you just get out of the way.

But remember… the universe has access to your thoughts and feelings… your focus is “How can I help you with everything I have?”.. if you have a specific expectation in return, forget it, you just lost a point!


Many people think they have grasped this but I can see from behaviour that they haven’t. It means once you have offered up (a compliment, something material, or some activity) you must leave it alone.

NO analysis.
NO “I wonder if”.
NO “I shouldn’t have”.
NO “I should have”.

Serve and you will be served. Do unto others what you would have done unto you. It is a scientific based formula which means there are no exceptions, no background, education or financial requirements that block it from happening to you.

A Successful Life is not hit and miss it is a precise science that works for you.

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