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Success, is it too simple to accept?

The line between success and failure is very slim.

The irony about life is that the energy, time and effort is the same to be rich as poor. Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it. It is hard to believe but someone struggling demonstrates every day that they have bundles of stamina, commitment, self- discipline and determination! A criminal has all the attributes to be wealthy!

So what is the detail which turns failure to success

The difference is what these behaviours are applied to. You may be committed to focusing on an idea but what is that idea?? Is it a picture of a successful outcome?

Is it an image of what you want to happen or what you expect to happen based on what has happened in the past?

The words we choose and the images we hold in our minds are powers of ‘creativity’.

Look at the keyboard of your computer. It takes 4 strokes to type POOR and 4 strokes to type RICH. Your hands stay in the same place and the effort is the same.

A parallel shift into a success flow

Here is one sentence that can change the effect you have on your world.

Learn to stay to people in doubt or who are discouraged…

yes, I know how it looks but I believe you can do it!”

Imagine a situation in your life maybe where you have problems and imagine someone close to you looking you in the eye and instead of saying what they normally say imagine them saying “I believe you can really do this”.

You should have noticed a sudden surge of oxygen, maybe you suddenly felt your back straighten or a sense of hope overwhelmed you.

Now think about how often this happens either in your talks with yourself or with other people. Ouch. Even when you think you are doing this what you are really doing is giving advice which is not the same thing at all. Advice can often be received as “you don’t know enough or you aren’t smart enough or you are doing it wrong!” even though the intention is kinder.

When it comes to words it is not the intention that creates the effect, the more precise the words match the actual thing you want to happen the more powerful will be the effect.

Can you start to see why the picture doesn’t change… and furthermore, imagine what you can do with this change of attitude with 24 hours every day. Think about how you spoke to your partner or staff or children in the last 24 hours.

Each day you lay a brick in the foundation of a whole new life. We all think we are ready for abundance but we are messing up on simple things we do anyway which we could turn around 180 degrees.

The game is to consider before you speak… if I say this, will the situation want to flow in this direction or will it be feel repelled. A perfect example is asking an employee “Would you mind doing this for me?” (even though it is their job). They are three simple words but they will create far more successful results. You only have to imagine how it would feel it is was you to determine whether it will be powerful or pathetic or even destructive.

We live in a field of magnetism we need to be far more aware of what we are pulling in and what we believe. Keep this in mind, when you don’t empower your words and behaviour you struggle. The more you struggle the more complicated and hard life feels. The harder it feels the more resistance you are to accepting simplicity and even worse, despise or feel contempt for people who suggest it (BECAUSE you can feel the pull from your rich side to take it and run).

Choose your words carefully today you can build or pull down, there is no middle ground.

Our lives are filled with ‘things’ which we consider insignificant which are impacting our bank account, relationships, health and happiness every day… but we don’t understand their hidden power even something as seemingly insignificant as a chair in our living room. Find out what you don’t know so you don’t miss out in my books Power Surge and Home Your Wealth!


In my book Power Surge I teach you about your Crew which really helps you feel the impact of what you are doing and gives you a great visualisation that stays with you to help you think before you speak.

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