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Success is Held back By the Emotion of Guilt

Success is held back by the emotion, guilt

No matter whether you study the philosophies laid down by religions or whether you study only the science of human nature… the one constant destructive force is ‘guilt’. Even psychiatrists will affirm that conditions can be resolved much more easily that is imagined if only they could get the person to let go of ‘guilt’ held towards the situation.

Most people have no idea how much guilt they carry around each moment of every day. Guilt about the past, what they’ve done, who they’ve been or not been, what they didn’t do… and why it blocks any fruitful activity in the present which is the only powerful place to effect anything that can come in the future.

The destiny imprinted into your cellular memory which is laying down an irrefutable design for your success is being held back because you will not let it be so. You cannot let yourself off the hook no matter how much you feign the attitude of ‘I’m OK!” Deep down inside you are harbouring a sledge hammer that is hammering you on the head more times than not. In fact, you are so used to it, you probably aren’t even aware of it… and you NEED to be.

Today all that can change!


  1. Firstly you must sit down in a quiet place and be alone so you can feel the truth.
  2. Put your hand on your heart (demonstrating to your head that you are now listening to your feelings so be quiet!).
  3. Be still and ask yourself what bad feelings are you holding against yourself about?

Just to get the ball rolling, here are some things that may be an issue… I don’t spend enough time with family and friends, I should have been a better parent, I didn’t stick to the diet, I don’t act on my talents more, the business is suffering because that investment I thought was good didn’t pay off…

Keep these thumb rules in mind…

  • Bad feelings create bad experiences;
  • You are NOT perfect and never will be in the way you see things. You are a human being doing the best you can;
  • Happiness and peace will not come to you in the form of circumstances in your outer world UNTIL you find peace within yourself;
  • You are part of a phenomenally clever plan and some things you do were planned and will have a positive effect on your world… it’s just that you can’t see why it is so!
  • You are not in this world to achieve, you are here to enjoy your life and the reason why happiness does not come along so smoothly is simply because you are spending too much time beating yourself up about your past… everything you didn’t do, could have done, should have done, everything you think you aren’t, everything you think you need to be. STOP IT NOW! This was not why you were created and you are actually hurting the world by doing it. Give yourself a break (through!).

Pursue the activities that feel joyful, you are attracted to certain activities for a reason… those ideas were planted there in your design to guide you!

Did you know that statistically adults laugh 3 times per day and children, 150!! If you watch a child walk home from school you will notice they never walk in a straight line, they make it as fun as possible… and if you are now feeling guilty for not watching your children play because you were ‘too busy’… your children will not hold it against you, they are too busy looking for more fun! Children don’t suffer guilt they just grow up and then get sucked into the world of ‘grown ups’ and their habitual ‘guilt’ trips.

Perhaps you are sitting there reading this thinking that this sounds too simple to resolve your problems. Well think about this, how long have you been living the way you have and how long have things been the way they are?

GUILT is an emotion that is completely TOXIC. It is the reason why ‘easy’ and ‘feeling good’ does not show up so much in your life… it is the root of so much of sickness, disease, stuggle and hardship. The root cause of hardship in life is never taught to us by our parents, by our schooling, by our employers because they don’t know it’s a problem either but now you do.

You are here to enjoy your everyday life. Simply do your best today to care about the world and be kind but let go of the past. You are a human being and you are doing your best to have the happiness that we all want and which is your right to experience.

The world was set up in 24 hour periods so that each new day we have an opportunity to start anew KNOWING that we humans would not achieve the perfection we try to bestow on ourselves and we would end up feeling guilty and needed a ‘fresh start’.

* You do not have to EARN happiness, or forgiveness (if another doesn’t forgive, not your fault);

* You do not have to PAY for every mistake, if it’s a real mistake you’ll know it and improve time;

* Your life is not about ACHIEVING – it’s about happiness;

* You are unique, do not try to justify yourself to others.

The creative mind that formed you designed you that you may live your life to the full, in abundance until it overflows… the deepest block you have is GUILT AND SELF-LOATHING… you may not even realise how much you beat yourself up over everything and I encourage you to sit down and see it so you can let it go.

PLEASE STOP HURTING YOURSELF… YOU WERE DESIGNED TO EXPERIENCE JOY; the outside world is a mirrored matrix of what you feel towards yourself so release any guilt and be kind to yourself, nobody deserves it more than you do.
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You were created specifically, there was no coincidence and you were no accident. Every body has an idea of who they want you to be but you will never satisfy them you will die trying.

Let yourself off the hook!

Give reverence to the force that selected you precisely the way you are by following the things that bring you joy and let yourself off the hook. Being human is not easy, lighten up and stop being so serious, you are doing your best and that is all you need ask of yourself.
Ever stopped to figure out who you are?

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