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Success indicator: The why syndrome

I believe I will be successful, I think!

If I say your life will become what you believe you will probably say that you know that.

If I say you don’t believe what you think you believe you might ask how so?

For the last ten years I have worked closely with entrepreneurs. People who want to start their own business and want to improve the quality of their lives and have more control.

What I have discovered is that they constantly prove over and over that what they fundamentally say they believe is actually not the case and it comes as a shocking surprise to many.

Discovering this illusion about themselves proves very exciting because once they see this they can then make some adjustments to their 16 Hour power slot (from my book Power Surge).

How do you affirm what you truly believe?

/>You are attracting what is in your mental databaseWell the fact is that your mind contains billions of differing possibilities about what you believe based on all the pieces of information that have been fed to you through your eyes and ears. So it’s not a case of trying to go through your mind thought by thought, you would end up in an asylum.

Life as it is for you is presently your dominant beliefs.

Taking a very simplistic example, this means that if there are one billion thoughts suggesting you can get in shape and there are one billion and one thoughts suggesting you can’t then it means that everything will conspire to make sure you can’t.

The outside must prove the inside because it is the place from which it takes its instructions.

Successful breakthrough, using why

Whatever you do and whatever you put resources to whether it be time, money or energy, always ask a fundamental question:-

Why am I doing this?

You may find that you have to keep asking until you reach the core motivation behind your impulse to do it.


“I need to make some extra money so we can have a holiday.”


“Because we really need to get away.”


“Because me and my wife and have been arguing a lot lately and the break will do us good.”

WHY are you arguing?

“When we are busy we have less time to think about the other person and we end up snapping and communicating badly.”

Why will a holiday fix this?

“Because we will have time to be nice to each other.”

FACT: The holiday will heal the sores from the bad mouthing each other but unless the ‘busy ness’ is resolved everything will happen again when the holiday is over.


Once you have listened to your WHY? always check your facts as well so you can decide what is the best solution and whether the solution you see is actually based on fact or just an idea that you think can work!

Never assume because your life experience is too precious

 Checking Your Facts – example

“It’s time to change the design of my business website.”


“Because my sales have gone done.”

WHY do you think the drop in sales is the website?

“Because maybe people are tired and want something new.”

WHY do you think they are tired and want something new?

“Because I’m tired of it so they must be! “***Aha the real motivation!***

FACT: Sales were UP with this website

FACT: No customers were asked their opinion to justify the change.

FACT: The words that come from your mouth. “Because I’m tired of it…”

Now, having established that you feel tired of your website this can be a valid reason for change. If you don’t believe this site will sell any more then it will EFFECT the outcome.

However, considering you have now discovered the true motivation for changing your site, you could find yourself able to change ‘your feelings… of being tired of it’ now you know the facts.

The reason for asking yourself questions is that you get the words directly from your database and you need to listen verbatim in every occasion. Your words are life and death to your experience.

Laws of nature; children always ask why!

Discovering the truth in our unconscious beliefsAsking why has always been an essential part of our natural design. We start as children with a pure formula for prosperity. We are free to believe anything is possible. If you have children or remember being a child you will note that children start out by asking WHY? to everything…. everything! There is a crucial reason. To train ourselves to know why we are doing things so we can control ourselves (and our prosperity).

However, a child, though able to dream up a sports car that can go to outer space, cannot buy one. The child in you has exercised its right to be creative and dream but the practical part of actually owning the car has to come from the adult.

So, we grow up and can now independently open a bank account and can go to the car showroom without being accompanied by a guardian and can legitimately drive the car away (having passed our driving test).

Great Plan!

However what tends to happen is that once we grow up, the WHY? training has been knocked out of us by adults who, when asked the question “Why is it green mum?” tend to dismiss us the more we ask. Or we got a simple “Because!”

It becomes apparent that asking why is not popular at an age when we are most sensitive to tone, vibrations and are most vulnerable in general. Children know when adults are not happy and as a child is trained to pursue happiness, it is easier to stop asking.

Then as we grow up, our world gets busier. The why is forgotten about and chaos ensues. The more unhappiness ensues the more we think life won’t get better, the more we invest in all kinds of vices and self-development material in a desperate plea to rid ourselves of our unhappy situations…

…but asking WHY? can rock your world, literally!

What will I discover by asking why?

– You are busy with things that will never bring a reward;
– You don’t want the things you think you want;
– Your actions are actually the opposite of what you say you want;
– You can cut out a great deal of activity and investment you don’t need to do.

The Bible states a clear path to prosperity…

“Except ye become as little children, ye will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.”

“If you stop the natural behaviour of the child within you, you will not prosper.”

The Universal Creator made us on purpose, stages of our lives were created ‘on purpose’… child, adolescent, adult, senior. Each stage holds keys to what we need to carry forward to the next stage to enlarge our joy and prosperity.

Today ask WHY? to everything no matter how obvious you THINK it is. You will be shocked and enlightened.

Discover a unique layer of vision uncovering YOUR TRUTH, understand the Matrix of your experience and how to gain control WITH EASE.

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