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Success in your hands, don’t blow it!

Your words are bringing life or death and you pay the price.

Most of the things you may have been reading or listening to about bringing on your success and victory may not have really registered deep down where the profound re-programming begins.

This may be BECAUSE you can’t see the power in what you are being asked to do.

For the most part you may still only trust what you can see. Even though the science of personal development lays down a precise and exact instruction of how to behave to attract wealth and abundance, the changes you need to make may not be happening because somewhere inside you you don’t BELIEVE in the power of some things you are asked to do.

Perhaps you believe that they are just too simple to create the impact you need.

Well the exciting fact remains that opportunity is still available to you.

Today you STILL have 57,600 ground breaking, rock your world opportunities to change your future even if you ONLY focus on the resource of your WORDS.

This number is assessed on the premise that you will probably be awake 16 hours.. x 60 minutes… x 60 seconds (= 57,600 moments).

Within each moment is a PRECISE AND EXACT INSTRUCTION which YOU are giving to the creative process in the form of words to make happen AS IS.

These WORDS are those:-

– leaving your mouth,
– in your writing,
– through your mobile texting,
– in your head,
– through your singing

*** and each of these words hold100% power of LIFE and DEATH ***.
Your words are truly that serious. The creative process is not a joke and does not stop working because you are having a bad day and ‘don’t mean what you say’… or whether can see the significance or believe that the words can manifest as a reality.

If you even recorded what comes out of your mouth for ONE DAY and then had it transcripted you would probably be shocked. Comparing what you think you are saying against what you are actually saying would be a radical contrast.

Does it take effort to control your words?


Will it get easier?


Will you do it?


Nobody is going to change your life except you. No matter what anyone says to you, thinks about you, or behaves towards you is relevant to your creative process. The only thing that will CONTROL your life is what comes OUT of you and what you accept IN to your world. Your CREW who are waiting on your every word are not hearing, seeing or paying attention to anything anyone else does or says in your life!

If you do not control your words and WATCH to see what they are going to ‘put into motion’ you will never gain control and will always be held victim by your circumstances as they are currently defaulted.

I once heard an I.T. technician frustratingly claim that he wished humans were more like computers. What he hadn’t realised is that computers are a perfect expression of human behaviour in as much as they are perfectly predictable – you will get out exactly what you put in.

Every program and software package (which provides the source of the power ‘to create’ was built by a human and therefore mirrors how a human thinks and operates.

Microsoft Windows did not create itself, a human told it how to operate and therefore it works the way the designer WROTE it based on the way the designed thinks. If it didn’t work the way he thinks then he could not understand it to work on it!

Computers will do exactly as they are programmed and they are programmed with WORDS.

Example of Programming Source Code for a Webpage


When a programmer gets an error and a page doesn’t load online he/she goes to the ‘source code’ and studies the code. I can confirm from designing websites myself that going through the code to find a specific error is much more of an ardous task than taking the time to write and check that it is correct when it is first committed to site!

It is the same for our lives. Start re-writing correct versions of what you want today and it will overwrite the conflicting instructions from the past. Don’t waste energy trying to figure out where things are going wrong, start writing powerfully from this moment on.

So the critical question is the source of your language killing everything all day long or giving life to situations?

If it has been destroying..? NO PROBLEM! It has passed. You cannot change it BUT you can start writing a new future today.

However, to do this you have got to take control of yourself which is the fundamental difference between those that live the life they choose and those that live the life they are held randsom by (or at least how they see it).

It is hard to control my mouth!

Well let’s see how true this really is for you?

– If Donald Trump called you right now, and regardless of how stressful your circumstances, would you change how you speak?

– When your young children speak to you do you at least start to think about choosing different words?

– If somebody you want to impress shows up do you speak differently?

YES? Then clearly you can change your vocabulary when you have a good enough reason…

… so the question is not how hard is it but how much do you want things to get better?

The ability to take control is not determined by your upbringing, background and education.

When computers were first set up they were based on a programming language called “BASIC” and this language was enough to instruct anything to happen.

If you can speak, write and think you have established a BASIC ability to create and therefore have the same potential than anyone else to create anything you desire.

Watch what you do with your words today… will your words give life to better experiences or bring about death and destruction?

Listen to yourself, it’s the only way to find out and start to change it.

If you are too caught up in opening your mouth without thinking and really struggling then ask those closest to you to tell you when you are causing destruction with your mouth.

Bottom line is, don’t let it continue words are the most phenomenal resource you have that costs you no amount of money but will TRANSFORM YOUR WORLD and attract the success you want. If you want to clear up the words and the source of any destruction buried within the four walls of your home, get yourself a copy of Home Your Wealth and get started on a new life today.


You Don't Know what You Don't Know about Your Beliefs... and it is hurting you.

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