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Success: Breakthrough is One Step Away

Illusion about success that overwhelms us

Successful living is more of an illusion than maybe you realise… we assume it is harder, requires more effort, more time and more energy to achieve change than is actually required.

If you have read Power Surge or Home Your Wealth, you will now understand how the Matrix around you is effecting everything… your bank account effects your career which effects your relationships, which effects your health which effects your sense of joy and peace.

*** Right now, ONE change in ONE area of your living is going to effect everything else, it has to, it’s science. Science is no respecter of people, opinions or backgrounds.

Consider ONE circumstance in your life right now that is bothering you (don’t dwell on it), just DECIDE which one poses the most concern.

Got it in mind (if your emotions haven’t already tugged at it)?

Successful Solution to the Problem

TIP 1:

Don’t seek advice from someone who has not achieved a successful experience in this area. Not because the advice they give might not be good but simply because if they haven’t created a result it means something in them was held back from taking the advice and you want to receive from a situation holding the vibration you are looking to activate in your own life.

TIP 2:

Claim now that there is a solution however know that the solution only exists where the problem is. So taking for example the worry about money, money is not the problem, what you want the money for is the problem and this is the area where the breakthrough lies.

TIP 3:

A solution DOES EXIST without having to use money!

TIP 4:

Don’t take any action until you are clear WHY you are taking the action you are. Be clear about what you are intending to achieve. Too much time and energy is wasted because people don’t get clear about the mission and launch off into desperate activity just because it is the first thing they think of.

Stop and use your brain to be creative, think like a chessboard, how can I achieve this with as few moves as possible (bearing in mind, ‘moves’ on a chessboard incurr resources such as time, money and energy in life.

TIP 5:

Check your thoughts about what you intend to take action on. Do you actually believe it will work? If not, why not? The thoughts will give you a clue to the breakthrough. Don’t fool yourself that anything is going to be fruitful if you don’t believe it.

One great way to test this is to reflect on what pictures come to mind when you think of the solution and that will give you a pretty good idea of what you perceive the outcome as being. Question is, does it look good or is it fraught with complication? Keep sorting through the possibilities until you can find PEACE that this can work.

TIP 6:

If your solution requires the help or participation of other people then you better make sure you communicate lovingly and take into action their needs.

If they are not happy, you will not get what you want (fundamental lesson about humans).. Nobody will listen to anything you have to say until they sense that you care… watch your words, tone, attitude, have you communicated CLEARLY what you would like from them and make sure they get to know how it benefits them.

Your Potential is Phenomenal. Prove it to yourself.

Take a decision today about an area you are going to resolve and gain control over.

A substantial force of destruction in our experiences is believing that we are not control or feeling overwhelmed by situations we don’t we believe we can… but we can more easily than we realise. It’s just that we oftentimes don’t even get started.

This is why the industry of fashion, nutrition and weight control is so considerable. The only thing we actually own is our body and mind. When we look in the mirror or feel ‘not in control’ everything else is effected by this mindset and the knock-on effect is massive.

Taking a situation that we feel powerless to resolve and creating a successful outcome creates a magnificent release inside us that changes our physiology and leaves us feeling we can master other things. Success is simply a number of small situations we have gained control over, ONE BY ONE.

EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS ONE PROBLEM HOLDS THE KEY to why all the other problems exist. Solve this ONE and you make huge discoveries about yourself and your power.

Recommendation: No matter what you decide, start clearing and cleaning your home and personal spaces such as your office. It is far more relevant than you realise. It costs you time but it is worth it on fundamental levels of your subconscious. If you really want to see how deep the transformation can go, get yourself a copy of Home Your Wealth now and get started on your metamorphosis right away.

Regain Control of a Successful Life With Simple Breakthroughs

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