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Story: Prosperity in the furniture

Self Improvement in Home Improvement

In this story, Annemarie is actually me, the author. My life was changing in amazing ways, in fact I was attracting success in areas I wasn’t even aware I had thought possible.

I had found my dream man, was enjoying the luxury of working from home and doing what I am born to do. I was also moving into the fabulous new apartment I had fantasised about as I passed by it looking at its For Sale sign every day for nearly a year.

Faced with the thrill of planning the interior design of my new home, the next block in my unconscious which had been withholding my divine prosperity revealed itself when I began to look for furniture and fittings.

I reiterate as I do with everything I write that everything on the outside along with how we describe it, use it and feel about it is a mirrored reflection of the dynamics of our subconscious. Asking the key question why about everything we do and own provides answers that years of self development and improvement can leave wanting.

That said, the process of buying our furniture was the process of “finding things to create comfort and happiness within myself” as my home is a metaphor for how I perceive and live within myself. Furthermore my partner gave me free reign which demonstrates that my husband (expression of my male (power)) trusts me to ‘build’ a comfortable me.

Observe what happens. Watch how a powerful healing opportunity to life long self-sabotaging behaviour presents itself and how, once SEEN, can be eradicated so simply.

Self Improvement begins, but what do I buy?

I was staring at a blank canvas. Aside from the office (which I knew my partner would monopolise, fill with his boy’s toys and essentially fight for a colour scheme based on black and silver), I was excited about planning and designing another four beautiful high ceiling, classical and elegant rooms.

I was excited by the freedom to be creative especially as I was passionate about interior design and more importantly money was no option!

I had an idea of what I wanted already and set about looking for the essential items first; furniture, carpets and light fittings.

With a blank canvas, complete freedom to do what I wanted and plenty of money, this should be a breeze right?

I started with the LIGHT fittings (clearly light is a priority focus within me). I scoured the internet and found some gorgeous lamps in the U.S. I loved them because they were very UNIQUE and very ATTRACTIVE.

Having noted and listed them all in terms of what I wanted to order I then moved on to the FURNITURE. I wanted items that were both ELEGANT to match the chandaliers and high ceilings and were COMFORTABLE and perceived HARMONY.

I was also aware that I wanted to keep the rooms clear of clutter and when it came to the dining room (AREA OF NOURISHMENT) I opted to keep the room simple with a BIG BOLD dining table that was STRONG and the main focus.

As I couldn’t find anything big and bold enough off the shelf so to speak I opted to have the table MADE TO ORDER. We knew about a shop that is passionate about wood and sculpts all manner of furniture to order.

When the table finally came it was exactly what I wanted and it really made the room. My partner was also wild about it; it was a roaring success.

Then I decided on two carpets.

One carpet was for the sitting room (CORE/CENTRE) which was big and needed a carpet to CONNECT the furniture together otherwise people sitting on the sofas felt too far from each other and disconnected.

The second carpet was for the dining room (NOURISHMENT AREA) which was to be the centre piece under the dining table and chairs.

I felt attracted to Persian designs and surfed through hundreds of websites looking at carpets until my vision started to blur. That alone should have told me that some ‘discomfort’ was starting to creep in!

I was starting to observe that this process was starting to take A HUGE AMOUNT OF TIME and even my partner asked me what was taking me so long to decide.

Once I had decided and wanted to order items I discovered that everything I had ordered was NOT AVAILABLE. I had chosen items IN OTHER COUNTRIES (outside myself) which meant that lamps were not compatible with the power outage where I lived in Denmark

and the carpets were almost double the price to import!

I was so frustrated I burst into tears.

The key to releasing my success and more prosperity

As I had planned my home (new version of myself) what I needed to change came to light.

I realised that I was still ‘looking for things outside of myself to cement my unique, attractive, elegant, comfortable self’. More specifically, that by looking for LIGHT (true self as we are originally light intelligence), I was creating a conflict with my POWER OUTAGE.

Furthermore, in looking outside of myself for laying foundations in myself (carpets) it had been costing me double (the price of the import duty).

I also observed that whilst I like “strong, simple and bold” I was not actually living out that truth. The process of homing myself in reality was still “long and complicated which brought about exhaustion and frustration!”

I also had learned that in terms of my nourishment process (dining room) it was important for me to decide what I wanted and not ACCEPT WHAT’S ON OFFER. It was time to live out this truth within me.

Once I saw this I knew what to do.

I realised that this process of creating a home was mirroring the process of creating and cementing the person I really felt I was. The only way to solve it was to complete this process more quickly, smoothly and more importantly, heal the main issue; I had to shop in my own country (from inside myself not outside!).

I know that anything physical in my life is actually my ‘mind in action’ broken down into particles of energy and that by playing with the physical I would in fact, reprogramme my mind in the same way.

Instant Self Development and Healing

I told my partner that I was going shopping at a store (which in fact was only a bus ride away). I told him that I would head over there and asked if he could join me later with the car to bring back some accessories which I anticipated buying.

I hasten to add here that I had no idea what was in the store so this was a decision based on trust that I would find what I wanted. I was tempted to go online and surf the store but I knew there was a possibility I would linger again and allow myself to procrastinate.

Within an hour or so I had ordered about $20,000 worth of items. I was shocked at not only how much I liked and enjoyed what I ordered but how I actually chose items completely opposite to what I had been looking at before (what a surprise).

Everything in the sitting room (CORE/CENTRE) gelled wonderfully and a good test was to see how people behaved when they visited. They would often put their feet up and curl up on the sofa and I knew this was a sign that people felt comfortable; I knew that if people were comfortable then it was evidence that I was comfortable within herself.

This new home gave rise to many important changes in my life although it took the realisation about the carpet I had chosen for the sitting room to help me see a self-sabotaging belief that now needed to be dissolved which you can hear about in this video clip.

The opportunities we have to unleash our success and eradicate blocks and contradictions withholding our divine prosperity are right under our noses. The solutions are more simple and more easily cemented into our reality than we realise.

If you haven’t already tapped into YOUR GENIUS VISION to see all YOUR answers, I would love you to have this resource and encourage you to download a copy of Home Your Wealth and start your life transformation today.

I feel sure it will get you all excited to read Power Surge too and revolutionise the way you live on a daily basis; it will stop you feeling out of control and have you realise that just as perhaps your instincts or the hoards of self development resources told you, you do in fact hold all the answers and can attract everything you want without needing anything more. Isn’t that the peace and happiness you really want?

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