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Simplify or lose your authentic self to confusion

Your authentic must attract a mirror of itself

Success requires you to be in the world but not of it

Don’t measure yourself by how you fit into the ideas of others, measure the world in terms of how it fits into your ideas.

Your ideas are best.. until a better one comes along!

We live in a tsunami of information. We are bombarded with ideas and opinions . Before you start worrying about how you keep up, remind yourself that the fact that you are feeling bad is a clue that something about it is unhealthy.

You are right! Trust yourself!

If you believe in it, it can happen for you - follow your heart

Writing on foot of an important message about your mess being your message, keep focused that your passion is your fashion. The beauty about your passion is that it will never go away but it will go through seasons as fashion does.

Just because a person is passionate about something it doesn’t mean it has to be so for you too no matter how many other people do it. So many firm conclusions are made about our lives that we can end up feeling inadequate and wrong. If you are a business owner this can be even more frustrating as you try to keep up with the demands of every kind of person in the market place; with your resources spread so thinly, only God can turn your effort into something useful.

A couple of examples of pressures that are suggested we should fit into are, getting married and having children. These are simply experiences that some people have chosen to have and not necessary for us to conclude that we are a successful, balanced, loving human being!

Jesus showed us the key to sucess

In the pursuit of deeper meaning and truth to the fulfilment of our lives I have been observing the life of Jesus. My premise is that if God sent His son down to help us then in the life of Jesus are the most important things He wanted to share with us. He only wrote one book and with the ultimate power He has, I am in no doubt that He made sure that the most important things were in that one book.

Here are some observations about Jesus that will inspire you to free yourself to be who you are and to drop all the activities you get distracted by which the world is suggesting you must be involved in!

My observations demonstrate that the most important focus in terms of what was written about Jesus was his behaviour towards people. There was no mention or evidence to suggest he was married and therefore had no children. No mention of what he wore or his interests.

I did observe that he ate when he was hungry, he slept daily and he got regular exercise (because it was noted!).. and He did enjoy having some friends to support him on his journey.

What was mentioned and detailed?

That Jesus spent 30 years preparing for his mission and three years in service with his mission. It was clear that from a young age Jesus went straight to the synagogue following his heart to teach and heal.

We can observe that it is important to follow that which we are passionate about. It is important to note that our preparation to be of service in the most effective way may possibly take more years than we would like to imagine. However, late as it may seem in a short space of time we can effect billions of people centuries after we are gone!

  • Jesus let us know that every source of pain originated from our lack of knowledge of our power and our belief in it;
  • Jesus was very careful what he let out of his mouth and made sure it held up against fact;
  • Jesus never blew his own trumpet, he was always humble affirming that he could do nothing without God;
  • Jesus was not thrown around by emotion, he stood on the truth and questioned the sense of what he heard.

Free yourself to be powerful and of service to others

  1. Keep your world and your relationships full of the people and activities you burn for… your passion does not make your philosopy and ideas right, your passion makes your path right!
  2. If words leaving your mouth are so important then make sure your words about yourself and others are uplifting, inspiring, loving and full of power and belief. You bruise, you lose! Love your neighbour as (if they are) yourself.
  3. Manage your emotions by examining them against truth. If someone calls you stupid you know that it is factually incorrect; your brain defines you as super intelligent so just ignore it. If someone suggests you need to do anything, check whether it is a fact of life or simply something they want you to do!

Emotional upset is the evidence of only one thing, you are confused. You have two opposing voices inside, clear them up and stand by them (giving them support and real power with your mouth).

Most of the subject matter you are distracted by is not for you. Your core passions are much more narrow. As your world of information becomes wider, your ability to be of service becomes smaller as you spread your time, money and energy over things that ARE NOT YOU!

Think about this, we want things to flow but we try to make them happen in situations that involve “pressure”, does that make sense to you? Serenity does not exist where there is stress, they are contradictions; keep in mind the story of the competition between the wind and the sun to get the man to take off his coat.

The idea of debate has always seemed ridiculous to me. My reaction is that what I believe, I believe and there is no point debating it with me. If something about my belief needs to change, life will show me until then I’m running with it!

Support your real self, plug leaks in your prosperity

We are all part of the insanity, make a stand for your own joy and fulfilment and help show us all the way! You will always attract that which you are… to attract joy and passion, become it. Follow the example of Jesus, simplify, edify and follow your heart.. leaving everyone else the right to be who they are. Have courage to be yourself



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