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Self Development Conference in your Sitting Room

Personal Power is hiding in your sitting room

I’m guessing if you are reading this you are a person who is very interested in improving the quality of your life. I’m even hedging my bets that you’ve invested a lot of time, money and energy in all kinds of personal development books, courses, seminars in the pursuit of more success (great news… determination always pays off!).

In fact, perhaps this is the breakthrough point in your life, that moment when all your “When God When?” frustration bears fruit.

Before we begin can you imagine meeting me in your sitting room (or the place you call your living area of your home). Once you’ve got a picture in your mind we can begin.

So let’s get your success activated.

Take a look around the room and I want you to observe all the things you are not happy with. If you are just imagining this (as you’re in the office) then stop for a minute and focus on the things that come to mind first… you can continue the breakthrough looking at everything else in the room when you know what to do.

Focus on one or two things that you are drawn to and take a moment to ask how you feel about them or why they are there and then listen CAREFULLY to what you say about what you see.


“There’s my TV but I really want a flat screen, I’m tired of this one but I can’t afford a new one yet.”

We are not going to get too deep into what your ‘sitting room’ mirrors back to you about the perception of yourself at this time, we are simply going to focus on the most obvious things which can cause life changing transformation and bring on the success you are looking for. Let’s help you rid yourself of self-sabotaging mechanisms; the blocks that you need to dissolve.

If you are imagining the television, be aware that this was put there by you, with your acceptance. Furthermore, you have just affirmed that “I do not want it… I am tired of it”… and I want a new flats creen but “I can’t afford it”.

Whether you know this or it comes as a light bulb moment for you, the physical objects and people in your life are an exact and precise mirror of your dominating beliefs…

…So, while an object still exists in your reality, the thoughts and feelings behind its ’cause’ still exist.

So let’s get back to the television.

You have affirmed you have something in your living room that “I don’t want…. I am tired of… and I can’t afford to change it”.

Now, this is where life can transform and your self development investments can finally pay off.

I’m guessing what you might have had the propensity to do is observe “Oh yeah I can see that now”, then vow to change the beliefs, head into the kitchen to make another cup of tea and then get stuck into the dishes, head out to work or get involved in the hundreds of other activities in pursuit of the joy you want.

You may even sit for a while and figure out a plan that has nothing to do with the object which showed you the breakthrough (such as the television in this case).

The fact will always remain that whilst the objects ‘remain’, the mindset that caused them ‘remains’.

We overlook the things that are right in front of our noses because we are so busy pursuing the things that we assume will CAUSE the transformation that would bring on the extra time or money to raise the quality of our lives.

So back to the sitting room.

Continue to look around and assess your relationship with everything to discover what destructive thoughts STILL EXIST WITHIN YOU.

You created the room in your image, you are the CAUSE, the room is the EFFECT.

Those chairs, lamps, pile of old magazines, wine stains on the carpet will speak volumes if you talk to them and then listen. Ask “Why are you here?” or “Why are you still here? and decide how you feel about what you see.

How can you get the ball of success rolling your way?

Simply start with the things which are broken or need attention, move on to the things which you don’t use and are just collecting dust/taking up space and get rid of them.

We spend years investing over and over because in most cases change is not happening but change is not happening because we believe the changes required are too significant to invest in at the moment.

The truth is that the changes are actually simple, in fact so simple we can’t believe in them because we have learned that life is complicated and hard and we need to ‘earn’ the joy we want.

The science effecting self-development is based on the premise that life cannot change until we change and the things around you are the physical evidence of your thoughts and feelings so…

while they are still there… you are still there!

Let’s take that television (or an object you have focused on) and prove this.

  • You resign yourself to the idea that you haven’t got the money for a new television so you tell yourself “I’ll make do until I’ve got the money.”
  • You pray that the money will come but the fact is that money does not come until you DO SOMETHING and you are probably going to continue what you did before because ‘you haven’t changed’… how do you know you haven’t changed?… because the television remains evidence that you still believe ‘having what you want is unaffordable… you need to live with things you are tired of”.

What’s the solution?

Clean up your mind (the cause) by cleaning up the effects… the objects in your room… start with what you can do, success lies in the details not in big investments of money. The outside is an effect of the inside so if you change the outside it follows that the inside must change accordingly.

It was Albert Einstein who said–

“When the answer is simple, God is answering”..

and it is God that affirms that…

” you came to live life to the full, in abundance until it overflows”….

…not put up with misery, be tired, struggle to pay the bills, keep patching up the car!

If you want to uncover the matrix of your mind as it stands right now, get yourself a copy of Home Your Wealth and go through your home and personal spaces. The phenomenal personal power and abundance you’ve felt the loss of is lying in your home… use it!

Successful living is yours by birth... discover how to unlock it.

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  1. chibichibi08-26-2009

    You are right, “overlook the things that are right in front of our noses”. Sometimes we dont realize we have the things we have until we lose them. THis is among the best things we can learn from self development books like this, which is worth reading! More of this from you Annemarie.

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