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Secrets Blocking Your Success

For the last twenty five years, I’ve explored so many areas of metaphysics and spirituality. Bearing in mind what’s available today, you can imagine how many CDs, books, tapes etc. by the world’s highly regarded masters, I have stored away.

‘Stored away’ being the point!

As life’s becoming more and more successful, I’m digging them all out of the cupboard and doing the exercises. Now, if you knew how much I loathe ‘exercises’ you will wonder at what happened…and why am I doing them now, the time I’m on a roll so to speak, instead of the time I really needed them?

Point is, I didn’t get it. I’ve come across some amazing material. Every time I find something awesome, I put the kettle on and jump online to tell the world and her uncle. Did I put what I read into practice myself? Heck No!

Suddenly the word ‘dumb’ is coming to mind. I know I’m not stupid, so what’s the deal? How come, during those times when life really sucked, I told the world about my pile of lifechanging stuff and yet didn’t use it myself…just left it in a cupboard?

Many years back, in one of Jim Rohn’s seminars he expressed how puzzled he was that despite people paying $6,000 to attend the seminar, they didn’t go out and buy the one book he recommended in the seminar.

Similarly, years later, I invested in Paul McKenna’s hypnosis collection. I was experiencing a great deal of stress working for a bunch of Investment Bankers on the Trading Floor in London.

I was amazed by the results I experienced from the tapes, they worked! I was even excited about going in to work. My lungs were pumping up and down as if by magic, (go figure, it was fantastic!).

I was breathing as if I was totally relaxed although the job was very pressured and my head was saying I was stressed. Did I continue the tapes…No! (OK, that ‘dumb’ word is popping up again..)

Years later I invested in The Sedona Method. Again, I had the most amazing experience in turning my emotions around. Did I continue doing the exercises…No!

Now, my educational background has proven that I am operating at above normal intelligence levels so why on Earth didn’t I continue with something that was working. God knows I needed the help, life sucked in the most miserable way.

I pondered on this for some time and have come to realise that on some level I was actually afraid of being successful. I gave myself an even harder time because I was very ‘aware’ in terms of consciousness. I already knew the resistance was only the energetic matrix of the physical body, doing its best to hang on to the thought pattern as protection…based on the premise that “if I let go of this, what will replace it“. I knew that, and yet I was resisting with all force.

I have no doubt that Jim Rohn already knows one of the reasons why people don’t buy the book. It’s too easy. Paying $6,000 keeps the “no pain, no gain” programme in place right?

If you buy the book, you might get rid of the programme that life can be easy. You might get rid of the fear of being successful and have it all. Well, let’s face it, you haven’t had any practice at having all your dreams realised, how do you know you will handle it?

This explains one of the reasons why, when I needed the hypnosis tapes, I was reluctant to continue to listen to them. Studies have concluded that 83% of our belief systems are controlled by our unconscious mind and it is those programmes which continue to maintain allegiance to the disbelief that we can have it all.

Now I am enjoying life and have so many enriching and successful projects going on, I have no problem devoting an hour a day to listen to the tapes, I actually get excited about it. I wonder what new opportunities are going to present themselves after each session. Success attracts success.

The bizarre thing is that once you actually use the material and actually get into the habit of seeing things through, you end up cutting thousands of corners that you envisaged as potential hurdles before you got started.

You don’t need to go look for your next step, the information will come knocking on your door. The irony about success is that it comes more easily and smoothly than you can imagine when you are in that darker, disillusioned place.

As well as the your misguided beliefs and attitudes about success conditioned by society, you genetically inherit a considerable bunch of programmes from your parents. Effectively you came into the world with a few concrete blocks around your neck before you even start walking.

You know what, success is the easy part. It’s living with lack and limitation which is the hard part – and you’ve already mastered that right, so you’ve got everything to gain! 

Grab it with both hands. Your success is already there for you. Instead of doubting your success, simply ask “where” is it.

If you want life to improve, start following up some of those emails that are dropping into your email box from people who have achieved the results you are looking for…release that habit to press the “move to folder” button so quickly. Keep them current, explore them and take some action NOW.

Use the concept of NOW to release any fear and resistance

Speaking about the “NOW”, we humans tend to perceive time as linear . We imagine from where we are now, the future is some point visualised to the right, ahead of us, or extending behind us.

Everything happens in the NOW. Everything is happening simultaneously in the same location. Simply put, the day on which you read this, you term as “today” right? Imagine the same date ten years from now. When you reach that day, will you be in tomorrow or yesterday, or will it be still referred to as “today”. Yes, it will be “today”. You are always in the NOW. Even ten years on, you will still be in “today”.

How does this help?

Taking the premise that everything exists in the NOW, the future has already happened. You have already achieved everything you wanted. Therefore, you have already secured the information, the skills and the experiences you need to make it happen.

So what are you afraid of? You already have what you want within your consciousness! Whatever you are dreaming about, writing a book, living with your dream partner, securing a great marketing campaign, taking on new staff, branding a new product, setting up your own business…you’ve already done it, you’ve got a clear run. Doesn’t that put things in a better perspective.

Trust yourself, you will never let yourself down. After all, you were already born a winner. Do you know how many souls were vying for that body you are in now? And guess who won? How can you fail when you have already won? Seriously, take a moment and really GET this. You won against huge odds.

One last word before you do, make it as easy as possible. No matter how hard things seem from where you are at this moment, you can change it. Don’t dismiss it on the premise of its easy therefore it can’t work, or there’s a catch.

I have spent thousands and thousands of pounds over the past 25 years looking for very effective and easier ways to create success. It would not have been uncommon for me to take a two hour flight for a one hour healing session. That was before I discovered a more remarkably easy way to magnetise my success which I put into my book ‘Power Surge‘.

“When the solution is simple, God is answering” –Albert Einstein

I don’t believe that everyone in this Universe is destined to live a wealthy life, if we all chose a richer life, practically speaking, the world would probably cease to function.

Earth is, as many sources conclude, a Free Will zone. Simply a place to have an “experience”. I am guessing if you are reading this you have decided a rich experience would be more fun. Boy are you in for a surprise as to what’s possible – I’m embarrassed to admit how hard and how lacking I allowed my life to be before I started following my heart full-time.

Whatever’s in those pipe dreams…take some action today, you deserve to have it all

Your blocks to success are staring you in the face in the form of people, places or objects (from the country you live in to the pen on your desk)…your success is calling out to you. Unleash your wealth frequencies with ease, anyone can do it, get a closer look at your scripts… reveal the secrets now!

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  1. Warren WilliamsWarren Williams03-07-2009

    I love all you said and I believe it. Where do you start when you are
    flat broke. If you could just give me a small path to begin. It would be deeply appreciated.

    Thanks Warren

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