Prosperity is dying to tell you about women

Revelations about feminine energy

You attracted her, trust yourself

Every woman in front of you is attracted by you. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how especially when it may be something in your cellular memory that you had no hand in… great grandmother passed it down the line.

Relationship problems with your women effect your prosperity

The 2 essential things a woman shows you

Every woman is playing out the dynamic of your potential and the quality of your experiences. Every woman is mirroring back to you important information about your life about these two critical factors of your reality:-

1. The experience;

2. About your non- physical reality (i.e. all intangible sides of your life covering dreams, imagination, thoughts, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, beauty, captivation.)

Women play the role of actor so you can see the truth inside yourself. You need to see this because the relationship with your male and female inside shows you where you are blocking your divine prosperity; why things you hope for (despite the hoards of book you read and the seminars you attend) may never happen. Your woman inside will borrow women on the outside to use as props in your movie. God created a genius plan in such a way that if you didn’t listen to his voice on the inside you would definitely notice his voice on the outside.

For every woman, substitute “the quality of the experience / non-physical realm such as your mind and imagination”.

How do women give you feedback about your physical reality?
Every time you are emotionally upset with a woman
she is alerting you to trouble inside;
your power is trying to tell you
that there is a conflict and the flow needs easing.

How do you heal the glitch?

Ask the question:-

“Why am I upset with her? What is the feeling exactly?
Then listen and pay close attention to the precise words you used. Your subconscious will send you the exact words you need to understand.

You are not looking at the action that is being done, you are only looking for the EMOTION; the feeling. It is emotions that are the destructive or creative force in your life. You can have a billion thoughts creative or destructive but it is emotions that motivate you to take action.

Ask the question:-

“Is this something I am doing and I need to stop doing it, or something I need to do more of?” Obviously you may not like the answer but where the game changes now is that before you probably felt loaded down with the idea of more “things you have to change”… now you can see how talking to your woman directly can have a much more powerful and more immediate healing. The solution is more simple and easier to fix.

Emotional clarity from your feminine personality

Don't make any woman feel bad about himself

Example – identifying the precise emotion

She keeps spending money. You’ve constantly challenged her about how carefree she spends money without even checking her account.  She’s come home with another new dress and now you are furious. I recommend you close your eyes and ask what exactly am I feeling? It’s not the new dress that’s crawled inside you and pushed a button called “furious”. You had a dialogue in your head very fast that caused a conflict.

Let’s say you feel “out of control“. You feel “she doesn’t understand that money just doesn’t come from thin air – the bank account is not a bottomless pit“.

Direct message from your prosperity

You have just revealed that “you are angry with your non-physical reality (your mind, imagination and feelings) because they believe that money can just come from nowhere and there is no limit to the bank account. You have told your non-physical reality many times to cut back but it leaves you feeling out of control”.

I trust that now you see how a simple upset is so important to resolve and pay attention to?

How do I resolve the conflict?

1. Consider what is happening in your life right now where you are feel out of control because you believe you are limited.

2. The mission here is to resolve the emotion because that is what causes the damage. Either:

– have a conversation in another way with this ‘female’ where you don’t point the finger or pull her down but make it attractive to her to do this for you;

– or decide to let it go; perhaps you can have a dialogue where you remind yourself that if she believes in no limits and you pulled her in, she is helping you to push the boundaries.

The beauty of understanding where men and women are most powerful is knowing what to encourage them to do… and how to speak to them to encourage them. You see if your female partner knew how men work she would know how to calm a man down and help him allow himself more without feeling out of control!

The game-changing revelation

The major power source in knowing this information is the motivation you get from realising you are not being asked to give ‘of yourself’… you are being asked to give ‘to yourself’. The upset is inside you. If it remains the ‘confusing energy remains.

Also know that if the upset remains, the part of your life which continues to vibrate the energy of confusion is ‘the quality of your experiences’ because it is a woman that is involved.

Start with the women closest to you

Consider the women in your closest relationships; the women you are relating to on a daily business such as a wife and boss. What are the current bug-bears in your relationship. Change your perception. All your dialogue is now ‘you talking to your experience’. Never mind about the woman behind the mirror. Think how you want her to win. How you want her to know that she is beautiful, captivating that she is allowed to have a blissful experience without limits.  Stop suggesting that she must work hard, struggle, suck it up, get over it, make do, settle, live with it etc. What you say to these women is what you are saying to your mind, imagination, feelings and your power to determine the experience. Regardless of whether you are a woman relating to a woman or a woman relating to another woman… be smart about the way to talk to your feminine power.

Where is my female most powerful?

Your female needs to be more of herself, more of her divine nature.

  • She must feel beautiful;
  • She must use her ability to believe in no limits and dream big;
  • She must use her sensitivity and compassion.

Encourage her ladies and gentleman, align her with her true nature and her divine prosperity. Take a moment to think before you speak to her, you will either help create or destroy!

  • As a man, stop trying to make your woman into another man. Whether you never get married or not, don’t try to turn your colleagues, family or female friends into men;
  • As a woman, allow your fellow beauties to feel beautiful and captivating, help them to behave in alignment with their dreams, support them, don’t know their sensitivies or ability to nurture. Discourage them from settling, remind them constantly that they can have more, be more and have much more joyful experiences. Women are holding and defending dreams, support them even if you don’t like the person or you are irritated because you feel disillusioned by life!

Keep in mind always, what you say to her you are speaking to your belief in dreams and intending the experience you want to have!

Prosper by encouraging your woman to be authentic;  beautiful, captivating, unlimited
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