Relationship with prosperity

Relationships reveal precise blocks in prosperity

Relationships with each gender reveal secrets about your power and potential

All relationships mirror back to you the relationship with your self. Whether the relationship be a loving relationship with your partner, a business relationship with a colleague or simply a momentary interaction with a shop cashier, it holds precious information about where you might be blocking prosperity. Every relationship is significant.

Are relationships just chance meetings?

Perhaps, you think the man or woman in front of you is just coincidence or they are there by chance. It’s just a co-worker,  just the guy at the checkout. If they irritate you you can just walk away right? Physically, yes you can. However if you realised this person was handing you a piece of gold perhaps you would hang around a little longer and tell your emotions to take a back seat (at least until you got the gold!).

Use your masculine power to attract prosperity

Use your feminine power to attract prosperity

Masculine & Feminine Power – Click Pictures

Take a closer look behind the scenes into the matrix of creation to see what school should have told us just as soon as we talk! Find out more about masculine and feminine characteristics and how their behaviour shows you about where you may be hemorrhaging success.

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