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When you experience upset in a relationship…

no matter if it is an intimate partner or a business colleague…

it is critical that you create peace as fast as possible.

I am using the example of a marriage partner but you can apply the same principals to resolve any relationship conflicts.

Question 1 – Male or female the problem?

First question, is this a man or woman, this determines if our inner matrix is alerting us as to whether our non-physical reality or our physical reality is the problem? If a woman it reveals that your “potential won’t let you”… if a man it is your physical reality and ability to make things happen that is saying it won’t let you.

Question 2 – The root of the relationship problem

What exactly did your partner say as to why they are trying to stop you? You need to be clear about what your partner actually said not what you thought or assumed you heard.

Fix the relationship with yourself or stay confused

The conflict is not necessarily your partner trying to stop you from something that your heart wants to. Your potential (woman) or physical reality (man) may be trying to stop you doing something that will actually hinder your success.

Either way, the emotions must be calmed. Whilst the conflict exists, whatever you are planning, hoping, dreaming about is “offline” so to speak.

Take the words your partner says and then add in frontMy potential(if female) (or physical reality (if male)) says I can’t because….”

Next step is to decide how you want to resolve it. Either agree and get in alignment with the other side of yourself…. or in order to stay with things going your way, you must communicate in a way that makes your partner feel good about their decision to go along with you.

Why should I agree?

Relationship breakdown through communication






If the reason you are being blocked is for something that is meant for your good, acknowledge it verbally.

OK, I can see I would be better off…”.

Give your partner credit for caring! Every word you utter to them is a word sent directly to your potential or power.

How do I get the relationship on the same page?

1. Your tone has to be calm and humble (it doesn’t matter if you think you are owed it, deserve it, you’re right or whatever!)

2. Your partner needs to understand why it is so important to you… and how they benefit – what is in it for them?

Example 1 – Decision to change your mind

“You aren’t buying that bike!”


Because I know you’re just buying the cheaper one because you keep thinking you can’t afford the one you want. I’m not going to support you to live with things you don’t want because you think you can’t have better.


This is the easiest scenario where the other side of you is stopping you from cheating yourself from the best so it is easy to resolve the conflict and agree with them! You are irritated because your masculine or feminine power is trying to release your resistance to having more but your old programming wants to keep you in the same place.

Example 2 – Staying with your decision

“You aren’t buying that bike!”


“You are totally selfish. You spend money as if you are single, you should discuss it with me before you buy something with our money. It’s as if you don’t even think about me at all.”


Your other side is saying that there is emotional conflict because they feel you are not working with them. Seeing how your perspective has changed and you are talking to your potential or your ability to physically make things happen it is really important that you take on board what they are saying. There is more than a bike, a dress or something smaller you are arguing about.

Don’t be fooled by the illusion, THIS IS YOU ANGRY WITH YOU… you snooze and push this under the carpet, you lose.

Winning conversation

Marriage of the feminine and masculine


The conversation that leaves both of you feeling good.

This is 100% possible.

However, you may have to drop an old idea about having to be right to be happy.

Unless you see your partner as a piece of you, it is extremely difficult to change the emotions this is the one critical change that must happen in your vision that will allow you to give instead of trying to fight and separate.

Relationship back in harmony

  1. “Honey you are right, I’m sorry. Is there something you would like to spend the money on?”
  2. “Honey you are right, I’m sorry I should have talked it over with you. Thing is I’ve been aching after this for such a long while (explain how it makes you feel and how it helps the other person – WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM? It really helps me de-stress and then I don’t take things out on you because I know you don’t deserve it… I know this it totally selfish of me and if you could see you way to supporting me on this then let’s talk about doing something that you really love too… “.

Revelation about your heart

Your heart is where you live your life, not through your physical belongings. Your heart is the place where feelings are being felt and the outside physical world simply follows suit. All creativity (or destruction) flow out of the heart, don’t leave bad feelings (with yourself) unresolved, you lose on massive levels! That person you are angry with is a diamond in disguise!

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