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Relationship says don’t want the same things anymore

Let’s break up we’re not on the same page

You never were. Even when you thought you were.. and you never will. It’s an illusion, just a story you’re telling yourself because you can’t see the real relationship problem.

When you bought the house you thought because you bought the house you were motivated by the same thing. No. He may have been feeling the security of the neighbourhood, the space in the lounge for his tv, maybe the money coming back in equity… she was probably thinking about the cosy feelings of cooking dinner, the beauty of the decor, the lovely park in the woods next door, seeing the kids running around the house. In other words, together you “gained the whole thing” but he bought investment, security and entertainment… she bought motherhood, nourishing and beauty!

You were never on the same page but you were excited… you were motivated… you made it happen… and you were both happy right?

Why does the relationship feel like a break up now?

Could be a few reasons; been too busy to care about each other and the busyness has stopped and you can feel the pain… or spirit trying to provoke a change or you are getting close to a new glorious chapter and the dark forces need to stop you!

The pain is not about being on the same page, the pain is wanting to push the other person away because you think they are part of the disconnection when all they are doing is showing you something that is bothering you.

In the beginning, you told yourself a story that this relationship was a plan based on sexual intimacy, doing things together and being with each other. It was just a story, that was never the truth. It felt the truth because up until now it worked for you.

What was the relationship plan then?

A plan to get you together so you could love and heal your male and female whilst helping each other achieve your dream lifestyle.

You never even knew what your dreams were, the relationship is revealing it as you live through it just like raising a child. You have no idea this child’s divine plan you just start by birthing them and then do what it takes to love them! The reason why you don’t do that with your partner is you don’t perceive them as “an extension of you”, you see them as separate and therefore don’t need to invest; as a child is perceived “a part of you”, you keep giving because it is you! What if I told you that your partner is you too which is where your perception needs to be.

The relationship’s next step?

Ask, what is the other person doing that is making you unhappy and irritating you? Let’s say it is, “We don’t seem to have anything in common anymore, we don’t do anything together like we used to”.

If your partner is male, substitute physical reality… and if a woman, substitute dreams into the sentence like this:-

My power (or dreams) don’t seem to have anything in common with me anymore, my physical reality (dreams) and I don’t do anything together the way we used to”.

Your physical circumstances are an illusion. All relationships are essentially feelings inside a person. What you are saying is that you have stopped doing what needs to be done to feel connected to yourself. Something wants to change that’s all!! By the way, what is happening is effecting both partners. Any unhappy partner is effecting the others’ life even if they conclude they are fine. It might look that way but energetically they are not. If my power (husband) tells me he is unhappy I immediately try to help him get his joy back… it is essential… a marriage is one movie with two people contributing with their own individual gifts!

Proof that your relationship is perfectly intact

Wife concluding she needs to break up

One day she concludes it’s over, we’re not on the same page anymore. Within the next hour she wins the lottery. I can assure you what her husband is doing or not doing wouldn’t matter any more. Suddenly his obsession with golf is moused because she now has the money to take up that hobby that she daren’t spend money on or didn’t even know she was dreaming about.

Our male and female tell us the real problem but we don’t listen. Using the first example, a partner could have given many reasons as to why they were ‘disconnecting’. They could have said “I’m bored, I need to do other things”. Those words are from your spirit telling you that it’s time for change.

Relationship conflict resolution

Relationships are a mirror of the relationship with yourself and they are ever evolving. Just like a human life, a marriage starts with the honeymoon (which please note is usually ONLY TWO WEEKS), moves to the terrible twos  investigating and pushing every boundary… evolves through the teenager stage helping each person find their real identity and voice and then matures into adulthood taking responsibility for doing whatever needs to be done task wise for the dream lifestyle to manifest!!

Don’t be deluded by Hollywood versions of what a marriage is or buy your romantic versions of how it should go, the goal is love and joy in your heart… and as you help each other find happiness, you add to your story.

Relationship Glass: half empty, half full or full?

A partner is never the reason why you are unhappy or why you are excited. The emotion is the root of the pain and the emotion comes from the way you are looking at it. Just the same way that a glass full of water can be seen three different ways, half full, half empty or completely full. When you first met your partner you were probably euphoric and they probably spent little time with you. You may even have spent one day together out of a week but you never sat saying “Oh we don’t want the same things” did you?

Stop changing the channel you will miss the experience

Stop trying to break up with yourself and stop fooling yourself you can’t be happy. Perhaps something even greater is trying to surface if you would change your glasses. Of course your relationship has problems you can bank on it because you as a human have problems, that’s called life. Question is, are you in for the full feature length version of your relationship with yourself or are you just settling for a life of short stories and start overs?

If you act with love to your partner you will act with love to yourself… what is necessary then attracts itself to you. Your dreams cannot commit to you while you keep the escape door open; you just continue the same story over with a new person and have to go through all the terrible twos and teenager stage all over again!

You’re heart never lied when you met this person!

Trust yourself! Stop comparing your relationship and assuming everyone else is happy it is nonsense. Don’t let the fashionable divorce trend suck you in, it is the work of the devil trying to convince you that loving a person is unreasonable, it is a lie and it is a plot to break down and control society!   Close the door and stay for the finale, think about the laughs and the memories you will have sitting on the porch when you’re both 90! Discern your partner, find what brings them joy and make your relationship epic!

Relationship harmony requires a perception shift


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