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Cut down the words you use you are putting prosperity on hold

Ever been to a meeting or finished a project and heard yourself saying to a colleague “well how do you think it went?”

I did this a while ago and as I moved to open my mouth this strong voice shouted “SHUT UP”. Took me back a bit but I shut up and listened.

The voice went on to say “It happened, you fulfilled your commitment. Unless you are going to say anything to enhance the results SHUT UP!

I thought for a while about what I was going to talk about and realised it was an absolute waste of time and would probably have started to diminish what could be a fabulous outcome. My words were full of speculation that were actually totally irrelevant, I have no power over another person so what they do is none of my concern unless I was going to suggest verbally that “I am sure they will come up with something brilliant!

It got me thinking even more closely about my words as it relates to the law of attraction. I already know that life and death are in the power of the tongue but I started to really take on board how much talking I do and how really effective it is. It is either building up, instilling confidence, speaking into existence things I want to happen with confidence or is it just a waste of time.

When I was very young I used to see words parade in the air as they were said. It is only in the last five years that I am realising what this vision was telling me about our words and how critical they are.

Think before you speak. Your words will prosper your life and those you live with or hold back prosperity… and even worse, bring on the things you least want to experience.

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Annemarie’s books turn your perception of your world upside down and inside out including the part you think you play in situations. Visions she experienced at a young age laid down simple ways to create a ripple of exciting change in even the most stuck situations in life.

These visions revealed how we are trying to provide a solution for the wrong problem. This leads us into bankruptcy, divorce, ill health and an unrequited ache for fulfilment, which could so easily be avoided.

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