Prosperity vision results

Prosperity Test – How’s your vision?

Exercise 1 – Didn’t find the bone?

Wilko’s bone was right at the bottom of the page near the footer.

I asked if you could find Wilko’s bone but I did not say it was in the picture. What you glean from this which is exciting is that it shows how you assume things in a sentence that are not there. In other words you are seeing with your ears instead of with your eyes.This can help you dramatically because it means you are wasting so much time and energy in your life in places where you don’t need to. When you are listening or reading focus on exactly what is being said or required of you. This will bring you fully into the ‘now’ and you will notice the truth of what is being said instead of an assumption which leads to disasters.

If we step back from the detail and see this as an ‘attitude’ it means that you are looking at your life and assuming too many things which could more easily slip into place. For example, you may be seeding energy into relationships that are actually, if you listen, are telling you they will never be fruitful (or at least they are saying something needs to change for them to bear fruit).

Are you a business owner?

Your business is a mirror of your mindThis vision distortion is particularly prevalent if you are are running a business. So many business owners assume too much about customers based on their own perspective. If you are a business owner and you were searching the picture for Wilko’s bone then it means you need to stop and ask some serious questions about your product, mission and potential customers… be excited, you have been losing out and now you can plug leaks in your resources and profits!!

Listen and read carefully

This is an area that causes so much devastation, not least in relationships where we read so much more than what was actually said. In personal and business relationships a simple NO may mean “No thank you” but we might read “No I don’t like you” or “No, your product is useless“.

Also when we go online we don’t follow instructions clearly which is why sometimes the buying process can become a problem… we assume too much and start clicking away and end up frustrated.

Exercise 2 – How did you re-write the paragraph?

This tests your vision in the sense that though the word  said ‘efficient’, you may have been visualising with your ears when you heard “how would I write it”.

First of all, count the words in your re-written version.

There were originally 99 words. However, in essence you could have reduced the paragraph more precisely down to 5 WORDS… I WILL CLEAN MY HOUSE.

Compare the number of words you used to the original 99. Knowing that 5 would have been the most efficient, look at the number to see whether are not you are getting to the point of your life effectively enough. Are you still spending too many resources doing things that could be done much quicker or easier?

Let us look at that paragraph again so you see the point.

“I, Annemarie Doolin do solemnly declare that I will spring clean my house from top to bottom. I am going to clean every room. I will throw out everything that I do not use anymore or have not used in the last year. I will not stop until it is thoroughly done. I will take out all the furniture so there are no spaces that I miss. I will polish, hoover and remove any marks using whatever it takes to remove any stains and marks. I will clean the windows inside and out. I am committed to doing this.”

  • Annemarie Doolin and I are the same (waste of words)
  • if I am going to clean my house, declaring it is a waste of time, I will either do it or not;
  • clean my house means top to bottom;
  • clean my house means clean every room;
  • clean my house implies that I will get rid of anything no longer needed;
  • clean my house means I will not stop until it is thoroughly done (otherwise I have not cleaned, only part-cleaned)
  • clean my house means I will not miss any spaces so I need to move the furniture;
  • clean my house means I will polish and hoover and remove any marks;
  • clean my house includes my windows which are part of my house.

Words create or deconstruct

Focus on what words you are using... are they building or destroying?This is a great exercise because it helps us look at what we waste time not only doing, but expressing. The bible is very clear that “Life and death are in the power of the tongue” in that our words are catalysts for bringing experiences into reality based on the words we utter. That said, can you imagine what is starting to grow through all the hoards of unnecessary and useless conversations we have all day. You will never rise higher in life than the words that come out of your mouth.

Not only when you are speaking but when you are writing emails, think about how to get to the point fast and revise whether you have asked for the information (and not assumed). So many times I hear people say “they haven’t gotten back to me yet!”.. so I always ask “Did you ask a question that prompts a reply… and did you say when you would like them to get back to you by?

For life to be precise and effective, we must be precise and effective. We have never lived in such a time when “less is more” is more appropriate to take heed of. We are getting sucked into too many things daily that quite frankly are just a waste of time.

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