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Prosperity uncovered by your favourite dog

“Which dog are you or do you hate dogs?

Everything in your life is an exact and precise mirror of you. No matter whether we are talking a home, men, women, your body, cars or even dogs and cats… they tell you something critical about the truth of who you are.

Prosperity exercise

Pick your favourite dog and then find out its characteristics and your true nature so you can become more of these values and attract more prosperity.


This will tell you your characteristics. Keep in mind the behavioural characteristics and the maintenance necessities!

If on the other hand you don’t like dogs ask yourself why and then listen to the precise words.

Take your words as a metaphor for how you relate to love and loving yourself. Let me give you my example so you see how this works.

I adore Labrador/retrievers.

My true nature

  • intelligent, sociable, beautiful, lively, loyal.


  • sporty and bred to ‘retrieve’… I am driven by this impulse and is the basis for my life purpose. This is why this information is so important to you. If you give me a task on the internet to find something out, I will find it! I am born to seek out answers.


  • is slow to mature and retains the silly, playful personality.I have never seen myself as old and do relate well to young people. I have always felt I will become older but not old and expect to be running and going to the fitness centre when I am 80. It’s ok for me to be young minded, it is my nature! So when someone criticises me and thinks I am too playful I know I am in the wrong company.


  • shed profusely, if you live with a lab/retriever, you’ll have to get used to dog hair. This means I am ever changing and so I can only thrive around people who can accept change!


  • I am a pack animal(i.e. worldly). It means I cannot thrive unless I am helping the pack; my success is tied to helping others win. When I feel down it is usually because I feel I am not being helpful to the world and am only happy with projects where everyone wins!! Keep in mind that not following our true values and nature is our direction connection to sickness.


  • need 40-60 minutes of hard exercise daily. They thrive on obedience training, agility classes, a great way to give your dog physical and mental exercise. This is true for me. Exercise leaves me feeling strong, fit and I need ‘movement’; this is vital to my success and when I don’t move on when my intuition tells me “this is over” I pay the price. When I don’t get exercise/movement I notice my emotions deteriorate drastically and I am not successful or effective. When I am in control of my body and feel light and well I feel powerful.. I must adhere to these guidelines to stay fruitful and joyful.
  • will quickly become overweight if overfed. Limit treats and feed them regular meals rather than leaving food out all the time. I know that about myself so I eat great nutrition through Herbalife and I don’t keep bad foods in the house because I know I will eat them. Self discipline is important to me being successful and so whilst it can be a drag sometimes I know it is essential for me to be fulfilled in life and achieve my dreams.

Why I don’t have a dog. Why I do have a dog.

Focus on your words remember!!

My response…

“I don’t have a dog because I worry about all the things that could happen. I also know it is a huge responsibility and don’t want the burden”.

Vulnerable truth…I don’t accept all encompassing love for myself because I spend too much time worrying about what could happen. I also know it is a huge responsibility and don’t want the burden“. It means that my highest potential is held back because I am still protecting myself from all the things that could be a burden. This is why I am not as prosperous and successful as I could be. When I think about my goals and dreams and I cannot let “what might happen” stop me… in fact this is something I can look for as a sign as I should go there!

Prosperity message from my spirit…

It shows me that the divine purpose I have come to service the world with is being held up because of the reasons above. I know that without jumping into it and not worrying about “what could happen” I will never be fully satisifed in life and my prosperity is tied directly to this assignment…. as is yours.


 Have some fun finding out who you really are! If you want more clarity about your life assignment, I highly recommend you download yourself a copy of my ebook Self Discovery… you are exciting, spend some more time with yourself.


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