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Prosperity treasure map

A treasure map of rules for engagement

I never had a plan in my life but my life went from deep depression and constant suicidal feelings to a rich life. Your dreams are inside you buried beneath layers of misguided ideas of who you are. This mess comes about because of contradictions in your beliefs which are written into every physical thing in your life. To understand where the contradictions are we need to understand what has power and what doesn’t… and there are millions of individual ways of doing just this. Just pick one and commit to it! It’s not the method that counts it is your commitment.

1. Life without God helping is going to be incredibly harder

God gifted me with many visions about the outside being a mirror of what’s in my mind and emotions. It is only late into my life that I have gone back to the Bible which I abandoned at the age of eleven. I found the Bible to be the most important exciting book for living a rich and prosperous life. Everything God showed me about the mirror through visions… what everything in my home means… how we are both a man and woman inside… how my name can change my life… how every word will create my reality… is in the Bible.

Relationship with God is key to phenomenal fulfillmentAll I can say to you is that if you do not believe in God or have not understood God to be the most incredible gift in your life, you have either been misinformed or not found this nugget of gold. I can not imagine facing the future as we are now in ‘the end times’, without the information that is going to keep me safe, secure and experiencing more joy…. without God. God is not a religion, He is the Creator, get to know Him, his one book is still the best seller of all time!

(If you are looking for introduction to how to have a relationship with God and know his exquisite love and generosity, I recommend Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Joseph Prince, Joel Osteen, Dr Creflo Dollar, Dr Ravi Zacharias… you will be attracted to whatever suits your searching.)

2. The outside world is a precise mirror of your inner world

your outer life is a precise mirror of your inner lifeIf you don’t embrace this truth you may not only suffer from the idea you are a victim of circumstances but you will never really get to feel in control in a way that brings you great peace. Feeling in control (even if we can’t see how things will change) is very important. It makes the difference between just being in a situation as opposed to feeling secure and confident in a situation.

Every single thing in your life came into being because of thoughts and emotions resonating from you. Yes, many of them are buried within the depths of your subconscious mind and many have been inherited without you creating them personally… however, they still exist. They drive our behaviour and our experiences and we are the only one who can change the experiences.

Even if you argue that God can change your life, God will not change your life without a request going out on your behalf. In other words, something in your mind and emotionally body must be attracting it! Don’t count on other people praying for you.

3. Use the power of “I am…” and be careful what follows

speak your prosperity into realityGod started all creation by “saying” let there be light. There is the first truth about the power we have and where the power lies in manifesting physical situations… words leaving our mouth. Every time you say I am and follow it with words, that sentence is now being put into operation.


I have created a screensaver where I can see examples of I am… which I utter daily (why not do these things on your phone aswell).

We are creatures of habit so to change our behaviour the changes we need to make will have to be accessible and attached to things we already do otherwise they will be forgotten. Your body is designed to protect you which means it will defend all your neural pathways and your behaviour as it is. By default your body will impulse you to do the same things every day and it takes real effort to do something different. Place what you need to say in places you will be every day so it can happen.

Keep in mind that words must be uttered with your mouth, not thought. How many times a day do you say I am attractive, I am vibrantly healthy, I am experiencing a wonderful marriage, I am a multi-millionnaire, I am living in a luxury dream home fully paid for, I am an attractive, articulate, highly effective parent, I am attracting thousands of customers who love my products and love recommending them?

Are you more serious about worrying and procrastinating or watching the news than sending out expressions of what you want to see happen? No one can write the script of your life but you. You have access to all the power you need to improve your life… if you read otherwise it is not the truth no matter how convincing it sounds.

4. Tything: 10% of income goes to helping others

Tything ensures blessings over your financial wellbeingThe Bible tells us that ten percent of our income belongs to God and was set aside to help lost, hurting people. God’s promise ensures that we are more than compensated for our obedience to give up this contribution to help people. Two more important things to consider is that we experience troubles or ‘curses’ in life simply because this is not honoured in our lives.

It has been documented that physical currency actually contains the deadliest diseases in the world and the tything cleanses us from anything harmful. Furthermore, it is important that we wrap specific expectations to our giving which can be anything we desire… and remember that with God’s blessings, all things are possible!

5. Be careful how you speak to men and women

successful relationship with prosperityThis alone has the power to change the world and the subject of my new book coming out shortly.

Every man or women you meet will play out the energy of the relationship with your power (man) or your potential (woman). Every word or attitude you express towards each man or woman will effect the energy of this dynamic in your life. It doesn’t matter how close you are to the person. It matters that you see every person as an aspect of you (or cell of your body) and use your patience and conscious expression to manage how you would like to speak to yourself… or more specifically, your power and potential!

Men: speaking to your ability to make things happen in the physical world

Every man is a mirror of your male energy even though you may not see on a conscious level how that can be. The words you speak are a direct instruction to your ability to manifest into physical form. That said just imagine this as example. Every time you tell a man he is stupid, he can’t do something, he will never change, he is useless… and/or you simply observe your feelings towards him… these are the feelings that are going to become your experience (not theirs!). What you say and feel will be the dynamic that tells your “ability to make things happen” become what you have just set in motion.

Woman: speaking to your experience and potential

Every woman is a mirror of your female energy. The words you speak are a direct instruction to your ability to intend what experience you would like to have. That said just imagine this as example. Every time you tell a woman she is crazy, she is a nag, she is selfish, she is not enough… and/or you simply observe your feelings towards her… these are the feelings that are going to become your experience (not theirs!). What you say and feel will be the dynamic that tells your “ability to experience” become what you have set in motion by your words and feelings.

Your precise words to people are going to be the precise words that define your experiences and your dynamics in life. Now you have a very selfish reason to treat everyone in a completely different way.

6. Stop quitting and doubting

prosperity is held back by doubt and quittingIn my book Power Surge where I introduce you to your own Matrix, I give you a great visual introduction to your Crew. Your crew being a department of security men in your mind who sit monitoring your thoughts and words. They give your physical reality permission (or not) to activate changes in your life. Your crew are monitoring everything and if you could see how many thoughts and feelings are consumed by the idea of quitting or that things won’t change…. I conclude (based on what I myself have experienced and heard from others) you would be shocked.

This alone is one of the key reasons why all your hard work and commitments to plans and making changes don’t pay off. The improvements are still sitting right beside you in the etheric realms waiting excitedly to be experienced. Stay committed to cleaning up your mouth and your emotions and you will see breathrough!

7.  Be aware of your assignment and true nature

Discovery your unique assignmentYou were born on purpose with a unique mission, if there was anyone like you then you would be irrelevant. No life form was created by God without a specific purpose. You have been given strengths and passions and they are key to your divine fulfillment. The problem is that noone showed you how to pursue this early on in life so you have become a melange of fraudulent, schizophrenic expressions of yourself without knowing it. You may even be working in a career you hate or criticising other people for the same values that you actually have!

Know that although life on Earth will be difficult at times, unhappiness, struggle and unfulfillment is not your destiny! Difficulty will ensue because as you pursue improvements the old paradigm has to break down to make way for the new. It is the not the change that is difficult it is our reluctance and resistance to letting go because we fear what we can’t see and what will replace it. That is why I strive to help you feel in control by sharing more about your power. The more you are able to see the possibility and retain faith because of your understanding of how physical reality manifests, the more you will feel in control.

Sometimes we recognise who we are and what we love by the things that we aren’t or don’t like. That is always a great place to start… and aswell as my ebook on Self Discovery which will help you define your assignment, you will find many articles on my blog that will give you great confidence and support to be the amazing person you were created to be… and have all the kinds of people you like love and respect your desires, opinions and wishes to boot!

If every human being claims responsibility for what it is happening to them and stops looking out at the world and feeling their experiences are because of someone or something else.. the vibrations of the Earth would experience a phenomenal change the like of which we can’t even imagine. It all starts with “me”… not “them”. This is the way for your life to receive the full power of any changes you are making.  Whilst you entertain thoughts or emotions suggesting your circumstances are because of someone else or something else, your power is rendered useless.



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