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Prosperity through courage to be yourself

Your prosperity formula will re-cognise yourself

Here is an exercise to help you get clear about your unique path to living a prosperous fulfilling life. You might want to get a piece of paper just to help you see yourself in print. What we are doing with this exercise is re-cognising you with your divine, unique personality.

Exercise: You can only be attracted to that which you are

Think about 5 people you would like to invite to your ultimate dinner party or simply 5 people who you really like.

With each person, write down why you are attracted to these people. What is it you love about them?

I will list 5 of mine to demonstrate what I mean:-

Oprah Winfrey:
I love her non-ego and I love how she really wants people to prosper and bloom, and she is willing to be as open and sharing as she can to achieve this.

Robbie Williams:
I love his vulnerability and courage to allow people to see his human flaws.

Larry Winget:
I love his bold, straight talking. I also like the way he doesn’t swallow everything no matter who says it, he thinks things through.

Joel Osteen:
I love the way he always inspires hope and encouragement. I like his spirit of kindness.

Mike Murdock:
His wisdom excites me.

Those qualities define me. They are not things I would like to be, they are qualities I already possess and my heart sings over. It doesn’t matter who I would like to be, this is the authentic me. They are not the whole package of course but it makes the point so you can explore your list more extensively.

It doesn’t matter who you don’t like or don’t agree with, those feelings are a clear message, this is NOT YOU and therefore it doesn’t matter. Mike Murdock once had a guy come up to him and complain about his presentation saying he didn’t like it. Mike answered quite calmly, “That’s because it wasn’t for you”.

For example, when I do a seminar or talk, in my mind I would love to be a perfect performer full of swave and sophistication. We can all think of many examples I am sure, but that is not generally what happens because they are not the qualities I am here to serve people with. My power lies in becoming one of my attributes which is being honest and vulnerable and allowing people to be free to be passionate and fully human.

So what tends to happen is that a great deal of emotion comes up, I may cry, my planned script goes out of the window and for reasons known only to God it touches people. People become relieved that they are not perfect and feel somehow set free. Not how I would like it to go but that is because using my power in the world is not something I can now choose, it was decided before I was born; it is not about me! Now I must be who I am and SERVE OR SUFFER.

When making your list, you may prefer to start with people around you, the characteristics you love will still run the same theme.

So what exactly is your key to prosperity?


 As you look at your list, claim it as your winning formula.

These are the qualities which lay out your own, unique prosperity strategy. See how these qualities match up with how you are living.


  • Are you focused on getting rich but nobody like this is on your list?
  • Are you a person who loves a person for their non-ego but trying to promote yourself all the time?
  • Do you love someone because of the way they are dressed and yet you make no effort about your appearance?
  • Did you admire someone for how eloquently they speak and yet you use harsh, bad language?
  • Do you admire honesty and yet mislead people in your business copy?
  • Do you love the way someone promotes themself and you never toot your own horn?

 Set yourself free and prosper

Don’t try to be something you are not, simply be a copy of what you love! Your heart is attracted to a certain person for a behaviour which it recognises and sighs because it connects with it. Your heart is singing because it is in its zone in this area; you are recognising your true self and that’s why you feel joy! Stay in your winning zone, that’s what makes you so special and incredibly valuable.

Set yourself free from captivity. Get clear about who you are and be an amazing example of your unique personality.

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