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Prosperity spotted in your relationships

Relationships mirror alignment to abundance

How does your relationships determine your prosperity?

In short, your relationships show you the relationship within yourself and for prosperity to flow the dynamic must be reflect what prosperity stands for…

…a thriving, flourishing condition.

OK so what does that mean?

Well, beyond the fundamental understanding that thriving and flourishing means giving something nourishment, the detail is for you to decide. Desire is essentially what makes us happy and that is personal.

What kind of home life, partner, career, body image suits you?

You decide. But whatever you decide you must have it going on in your life in both sides of you.

What both sides of my self are we talking about?

The two sides of you are your power and your potential. In short, your ability to make something actually happen and then the quality of the experience within it.

To give you an example, that means the ability to manifest a car and then the experience of owning that car (is it easy to pay for, maintained well, serve all your lifestyle needs?)

How do I see if I am on course for a successful outcome?

Well that’s simple.

Any relationship with a man is reflecting your relationship to your power (making it happen);

Any relationship with a woman is reflecting your relationship to your potential (your experience).

How do I power them up for success and prosperity?

Every time you are UPSET with a man or a woman you ask:

What exactly am I upset about and listen to the precise words;

Is this something I am doing I need to stop doing or do more of?;

Is it effecting my power (a man) or my potential (a woman)?

The goal must be PEACE. It doesn’t matter whether they still behave badly (as you see it) or not, the destruction that is blocking your manifestation power is the ‘upset’ you FEEL.


Your husband is always late home for dinner.

I am upset because “I feel disrespected”

I disrespect myself and need to stop, my actions must match my needs.

It is a man so every time I get upset I stop things on my dream list ‘happening’

Decision to be successful and turn on my flow of abundance

I will use my words carefully to help my husband see how it’s in his interest to arrive home on time


I will simply let it go, I know he works hard and is doing his best.

Either way, you MUST resolve the emotional upset. While you are upset your energies are at war… they are completely repelling like two north pole magnets trying to be pushing towards each other… one part of you is saying yes and the other no. This means you stay exactly where you are.

This energy dynamic is showing us moment by moment what we need to work on. We are constantly asking complicated questions, buying more books and courses whilst the answer we are looking for is coming at us during our day.

Every person in your world is attracted by you and playing out a role which is happening within you. Walking away is not the solution. See what they are showing you, take action to learn and gain peace…

… all the other stuff going on is because of these upsets. Don’t fool yourself it is because of the economy, your job, you married the wrong woman, your upbringing, the culture you live in, because you have children.

You have the power to change it NOW.

Does more flow in prosperity require radical change?

Yes. However understand what radical means. It means a complete shift in direction… extreme change from accepted or traditional forms…

…not exhaustive amounts of energy, money and life-changing upheaval!


Instead of expressing anger at my wife because my dinner isn’t ready as I walked through the door as we agreed…

I decide to take a deep breath, claim the fact that she loves me, perhaps she had a very busy or a difficult day and hurting her will not help either of us. Perhaps I will ask her how her day went and get the facts before I assume her day should have been all about me! If she feels bad I lose!

These moments are the moments when you will rock the very fabric of your life but we are missing them.


Because we are too busy and too unhappy.


Because we are not maintaining prosperity in the moments we have. They are full of upset, anger, frustration, stress, disillusionment and assuming the worst.

Look at the people you interact with daily and see where you are ‘repelling your prosperity’ by observing your emotional upset. It won’t go away, it is inside you so take control and channel it into love, acceptance and peace…

THEN you will see it show up in your work, finances, home, partnerships and a healthy body. What is even more exciting is that each of these aspects are precisely interconnected so if we empower one it has a dominoe effect on the other.

If you want to see how the outside is a perfect and precise mirror of everything inside of you and unblock your conflicts get yourself a copy of my ebook Power Surge


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  1. PeterPeter05-02-2011


    I am the living evidence that YOU are walking the talk. This is how we are living together!
    In respect, in love and peace!

    I know that you have been around the mountain a few times but what always surprises me is your ability to draw out the lesson the wisdom that life shows you and your way of communicating this in a clear form so I can understand it and see what is going on.

    I know that I am not easy to “live” with… 🙂 but I have learn so much from you and your blog posts here om “MSE”… in your graciously effort to help others… that I can see now how you have inspired me, transform me into a loving, peaceful husband! I really get you!

    With respect, love and hugs


    May God bless our marriage with the blood of Christ Jesus

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