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Prosperity: Life is not fair

Prosperity can come; life is not fair

For decades I believed that life was fair and that we are all equal, probably but it was one of those things I assumed without really digging deeper. The laws of nature work for everyone but the laws are not the problem, we are. Nor do we change when we have had enough pain, this is nonsense. Pain sends us inward wanting to pull back from life. Joy motivates us to put in effort.

A person changes because they have glimpsed something that has them imagining, tasting, believing in a possibility that life can change. That is the pivotal point at which they act… not pain!

The only place where all is fair is when we pray. The girl sitting starving in Ethiopia does not know what I know. She does not know that her mind and emotions can change her world. Life is not fair. I am riddled with phenomenal opportunity she is not, except in prayer, she needs help.

The more you study about cellular memory the more you understand that any person is dealing with an individual struggle, known only to the deepest depths of their spirit. As we look at each other, we assume it much easier from our perspective… and that is not to say that I do not believe we can create miracles of transformation, I absolutely bank my life on it!

The ability to change requires that we change our behaviour to change our life, that is the science of how things grow and die; this is true. However, the experiences, beliefs and memories we inherit are different… and for the most part those beliefs, memories and experiences fight to impose themselves again and block our prosperity.

As we as individuals manage to transform and improve we express frustration at anyone who is not either looking for a solution, willing to listen to the solution or willing to do what is required. We can assume they don’t really care about a more prosperous life, or they are happy to settle. All hearts seek joy!

Without realising it, our frustration can be laced with arrogance (that we are better somehow because we have achieved it)… or that we lack belief in them (they are weak, stupid). Though we think we are helping, we have in energy terms just crushed that person further. We have sent out a hammer to hit them with. God asked us to love one another as thyself because the truth is that what we meet is our own struggle. If each person wore our face perhaps we would be encouraging and inspiring with kind, hopeful words.

Our frustration, has just laced another crushing blow at that warrior fighting the good fight in their own way.

If we humble ourselves to the truth that all people hate pain and do want to change it opens up a window to empathy that help is required until change happens.

We cannot know the truth about a person’s struggle until we walk a day in their shoes. We do not know the degree of lies in the cellular memory that is doing everything in its power to keep life the same for them. We think they don’t care about changing… they absolutely do.

Life is not fair. Some people are born with a much more complicated array of destructive beliefs and memories. Wisdom tells me that if I have changed it is because my struggle was easier than those who are not. Do I want to slap people on the head when they don’t pursue a solution, yes, but that impulse comes from the frustration within… it is not their problem, it is my pain!

Pray for people around you, do not criticise, judge or become frustrated with them… they are having a hard enough time dealing with the pain inside which you only think you understand. The other day when excited about sharing a book called The Healing Code I suggested that to read the book and then not do the 3 x 6minute exercises was “stupid”.  As soon as the words left my mouth I felt terrible, what a horrible thing to suggest. That stupid person was (for a long time) me but now, only for the Grace of God, life is better for me… and I will continue to behave stupidly to onlookers, unaware of the full blown war raging inside of me.

With your mind, impress upon them an image of a warrior, a conqueror and believe in them.

I heard a wonderful story about a drug addict who prayed to God and one day God reminded her that even in her struggle she was incredibly valuable. He reminded her He wants to use people with such determination! There is few greater examples of determination that an addict trying to get a fix.

Prosperity lies on the road signposted love

Love is the only healer on the road to prosperity and fulfilment. Tell people frequently “I believe in you, I believe your life will change for the better and I know you are doing your best”. We need to believe in each other, have faith in each other and feel compassion for each other. It is not pain that will motivate our breakthrough it is hope and pictures and words that reinforce that possibility.

Tell people what you want to hear.


  • For every great success in your life humble yourself that you could (and don’t look down on those that didn’t).
  • For every failure you felt you had, don’t feel bad about yourself, you didn’t mean to!
  • As for the future, keep praying to God for healing and ask that His will be done in your life and not yours. Then what was corrupted or causing blocks to his divine plan for you gets dissolved as he positions you and places you and everything you need in the right time and the right place… and then give Him all the glory!


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