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Prosperity waiting are you reading the signs!

Prosperity; you don’t need more information, you need revelation

If you have read my past articles you will now know that a woman is revealing elements about the condition of your potential

and a man, revealing elements about the condition of your power.

OK, so let’s imagine you are experiencing upset between you and your partner or you and other close relationships. It all looks devastating, you feel out of control, your heart hurts, you are angry and frustrated… but it feels a lot worse than it actually is. Freedom and breakthrough is much closer than you imagine.

Let’s put on a new pair of ears, blow away that old paradigm and create breakthrough!

Examples of how you get revelation and heal the rift within you

Your partner John (your power) says to you “You never believe in me”.

Your power is saying Sarah “you never believe in me”

Tell John (your power), you have absolute faith in him. Ask him, what is it that I am saying and doing that is giving you that impression and leaving you feeling like this? Listen to his words exactly, NOT what you think he is saying. Take it seriously, he is showing you how to “have faith in your power

Your partner Sarah (your highest potential) says to you “I feel disgusted by you, when you say this I feel .…”

Your highest potential is telling you that you are corrupting yourself because “you are saying these disgusting things!” Always listen to exactly the words they use, not your interpretation. If you are unclear, ask for more clarity about what exactly is causing ‘upset’… this upset is corrupting your inner being!

Tell Sarah (your highest potential) that you are sorry and that you will do your best not to use this vulgar language again.

The other side of the prosperity coin – what you need to run to the bank with!

When your partner tells you something they love about you they are telling you what to embrace about yourself and nurture because it is your genius and way to pave your life with riches. These are your Assigned, anointed gifts. Forget about all the things you are not, you can pull in people to do those things. Focus on the exact words in the compliments people pay you… they are showing you how to uncover your True Self.

The flow of prosperity and success lies in the place where live in alignment with our true hearts and desires. That is why we need to deal with emotional upset within ourselves; it is our personality showing us there is conflict that needs resolving. Destructive, painful emotion is not to be dumped or stuffed down, it is to be DISSOLVED. The only way to dissolve is to explore it so we can find a way to return to peace. That is why we need to accept what a person in our mirror is actually saying, not what we infer they are saying.

In my top 10 books is “Shut up, stop whining and get a life” (by Larry Winget). I can imagine people being offended because what they read is “shut up because what you say is useless, stop whining because you are a pathetic wimp and get a life because yours is hopeless!”

That’s why mess in relationships occur. We don’t rip out, strip down and filter to see the revelation of clear information which is actually very powerful and helpful. We are constantly crying out (even kneeling down praying) for answers and God is answering but we are not listening!

Each day, every time you get upset with someone ask what am I really upset at and listen to the words… then ask is this something I am doing and God is trying to show me how much it ‘hurts me’… or is this something I should do more of?

Then observe that if you stay upset… if it is at a man (your power is hindered)… if a woman (your potential is hindered).

You are a phenomenal person, enriched with genius. Your heart knows how you want to live, what you like and how to behave to be happy… but you need to read the signs clearly!

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