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Power Surge Book

Practical handbook: a new discovery of your matrix

Power Surge is a PRACTICAL HANDBOOK EQUIPPING YOU WITH X-RAY VISION and sucks you into a NEW discovery of your life as a Matrix.

UNCOVER DEEPLY HIDDEN BLOCKS to your success. This ebook enables you an overview of how to see your matrix. Power Surge demonstrates your relationship with everything in your life from a light bulb to your car and shows you how they are impacting your life in either positive or destructive ways.

Power Surge opens up a layer of vision you haven’t experienced before… and includes a 16 Hour Formula for empowering your mind and The CALL Formula which manages your emotions.




About the Author

Annemarie DoolinAnnemarie’s books turn your perception of your world upside down and inside out including the part you think you play in situations. Visions she experienced at a young age laid down simple ways to create a ripple of exciting change in even the most stuck situations in life. These visions revealed how we are trying to provide a solution for the wrong problem. This leads us into bankruptcy, divorce, ill health and an unrequited ache for fulfilment, which could so easily be avoided.View all posts by Annemarie Doolin →