Quick Tips for Attracting Wealth and Success

Success: Choose ease not hardship

Champagne in the limo - having fun whilst attracting prosperity

Your success and prosperity is going to be affected by what you are in the presence of. Where your body goes your mind goes. Where your emotions go, your life goes. I know in my own life that I was always working towards this day when everything would come together but did not take time out to ENJOY moments. As my life was full of ‘work, stress, looking at what I didn’t want, looking at what I couldn’t afford’… I was just attracting more of it. Experience has shown me that the more I love myself and seek enjoyable experiences, the more easily solutions find their way to me. You must be in whatever energy you want to attract… so don’t struggle on a bus when you can take a taxi!

Success: You become the company you keep

Relationships with successful people

Take an inventory of the people you generally hang around. Consider yourself a reflection of their attitudes, finances, ability to enjoy life. Are they people who don’t feel in control, always gossiping, talking about limitation and thinking small or encouraging you to be prosperous and think big? Look around at those people you spend time with and ask yourself whether they reflect the qualities you are looking for in yourself and your life.

Although I don’t open every email from those successful people whose newsletters I subscribe to, I keep them in my outlook box with a conscious intention that I like having their prosperity consciousness within my computer. If I opened all the mails I would have no day left and would get distracted but I like them hanging out with me and spreading their vibes!

What you are afraid to do holds the key to your treasure

Annemarie Doolin Teaching

I always imagine a guy called FEAR standing in front of the door that contains my treasure. When I see him I know I am close to something precious.

To uncover your mission, you will meet fear. If he’s not there, you haven’t found your mission.

I used to day dream about teaching people but the fear of public speaking paralysed me. I stayed in a job as a secretary years after I already knew in my heart I could do something much more rewarding.

What you are scared to do is your unique insight into where your growth lies. I am not saying that for me it came overnight in fact I spent years on healing and hypnosis but I still couldn’t find a way to avoid walking through the fear. Acknowledge what fear is holding you back and at least be real with yourself in affirming that you will do what your day dreams are prompting. If you conclude that you don’t know what you truly want, start by looking at what you don’t want to do and then observe what situation comes up that identifies a fear because that is the obstacle capping your success and real joy.

Your life in your home/office mirrors the life within you

Use your home to create business, health and relationship success...

All your personal spaces (i.e. spaces YOU have control over such as your home, office, holiday home) are more significant than you know. The inside of your personal spaces are an exact and precise mirror of your psyche and how you describe the space, use the space, maintain the space and live in the space reveals the truth about who you are Being. They show you how fulfillment and prosperity still eludes you despite how much you invest in self improvement and healing.

A living room is not just a living room it is an Aladdin’s cave of self-exploration! Even a carpet in a room can reveal truths that years of healing and piles of self growth books have left wanting.

Define what you want clearly

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“I loved it honey, but I want a bigger one!”

Define what you want and PROVE you want it! My partner joked about owning a Ferrari but when we actually talked about going to test drive and buy one, he realised he didn’t really want a Ferrari he wanted a Mercedes McLaren! My experience of working with business owners is that they assume or borrow commonly accepted ideas of what they should be aspiring to achieve but it can be a long way from what they truly want. You are unique!

You can use your power to manifest anywhere…

On the top deck!!

Even if you are working hard and taking action, if you are not in a place ‘to receive’ you can miss the boat. Location know as ‘feeling good’ is the best place to be regardless of that being an office or a holiday destination. Sometimes it simply takes a change in perspective like getting away, to see solutions – I had more ideas for a seminar whilst cruising the Virgin Islands than sitting at home ‘pushing’ myself.

Prosperity depends on us feeling in control

Regardless of whether you can say that you are in control of all your circumstances, it is important to feel in control. Feeling in control is the evidence of faith. Without belief in change it, it is difficult to see movement and the flourish of our efforts.

All areas of your life… your health, your bank account, your relationship, your work are exactly and precisely interconnected. When you don’t feel in control of one, you are actually not in control of any. That is why there is so much focus on our body weight, shape, image etc. We understand on a deeper level that the body is our expression of our self in physical form. When we cannot control our body through either sickness or weight/shape we take that feeling of being out of control into every area of our life.

Health: Peter, (Burned 26Kgs(60lbs) in 4 months)

Annemarie Doolin... in control!Being fit is part of a successful plan

Your body is your temple.. if you mess it up you have to leave. Do what it takes to feel good in your body. If you don’t like your look, change it or your weight change it. For every problem you experience, there’s already a solution. Reduce weight and gain shape, You can find some very interesting articles on our health blog which excite you about your body and the power it has to transform your life.