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Nutrition – is yours enough to get rich?

Link between prosperity and nutrition

You cannot have been alive over the last 6 months and not come across the suggestion that the globe is in chaos. Even though I don’t watch the news or buy newspapers, still some bright spark couldn’t pass up the opportunity to suggest that I should buckle down the hatches, stock up on food and be prepared to lose my home.

What nonsense!

Imagine for a moment that for the last 6 months you had been away from any kind of media, your reality and perception of the ‘world’ would be far more inspiring.

The world is undergoing a ‘review’, a ‘time of change’ in such a way that the issues in hand are bringing on the need for every individual to take ‘personal responsibility’ for his/her own peace and happiness. The chaos that has ensued over lifetimes is because we as humans have not realised that we are CREATORS. We have not realised that the reality we live in is our own personal matrix. Everything that effects our senses… what we can see, hear, feel, taste and smell has been created by us and we can change it.

Imagine this.

If every person only looked to their world and saw what they could do to ensure their world was happier and not blame another person or establishment, the entire globe would change.

Before you fall off your chair and assume I am being naïve, I can tell you that this is the CHANGE that is being brought about.

As individuals we have not taken personal responsibility for our health and wellbeing, for our part in recycling, being efficient with resources such as water, electricity, fuel. Every time we are unhappy we have blamed someone else for our emotional state. No effort has been made to become better because guess what, ‘no-one else is doing it!’.

The chaos that ensues in a person’s life stems from NUTRITION. When we multiply it times 6.5billion the problem becomes apparent.

However, we cannot change the world for the other 6.5billion, we can only change our OWN world.

PRIORITIES TO REVOLUTIONISE YOUR WORLD…. take full responsibility for yourself only!

Wealth Boom = Body Boom

The most important asset you have is your body. Yes, your mind is the creative source however nothing can either be made physical or experienced in the physical without the body.


You are carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, sugar, fats fibre and water. Without these things you cannot exist as a personality. You become a vegetable, i.e. without personality, unable to communicate or experience being human.

You might want to argue that you are organs, tissue, muscle, bone etc. but without the fuel of nutrition, neither of these will function which means none of your senses will work. Without me being able to SEE you, TOUCH/FEEL you, HEAR you, TASTE you, SMELL you… you do not exist. Just as I could not experience you, you could not experience anything physical either. Happiness, food, friends, family, a home, drive a car, watch a movie, read a book, play sport etc.

Your life is completely dependent on NUTRITION. Furthermore, the quality of your life is completely dependent on the quality of your NUTRITION.

‘Nutrition’ is the act of ‘nourishing’; ‘Nourishment’ is ‘that which sustains life and growth’, not existence and survival. Every wealthy experience you have comes from nutrition so if your life quality is essentially ‘existing and surviving’ that is a mirror of how your body is doing in terms of its ‘nourishment’.

What do you need to stop ‘surviving’ and starting ‘living’?

It is no coincidence that 8 people out of 10 are (financially speaking) living ‘hand to mouth’. If you were to study their nutritional intake per day you would find that the body is getting the ‘bare minimum’ – survival requirements.

The brain alone requires 40% of the body’s optimal nutrition requirements and yet 8 out of 10 people barely GET 40% of nutrition period.

That said, you can see that the brain needs to grab this 40% just to keep the ‘basic functions’ of our body going… i.e. moving our hand, our mouth, our foot, processing food. All the other functions such as processing ideas, seeing solutions, finding energy and vitality… can not be undertaken… they are functions which are fed with nutrition AFTER basic survival is taken care of. If you want to experience life beyond the experiences of survival and existence, you have got to give your body the fuel to do that, i.e. optimise your nutrition.

Without nutrition, YOU could not exist because your body would be unable to make any function work so that you could actually exist as a person in this world.

If there is one thing that CAN revolutionise the world, it is for every person to focus on Optimal Nutrition every day.

Nutrition is essentially what we eat, drink, breathe and think.

‘Thinking’ is our biggest challenge as we cannot see our thoughts. However, the exciting news is that these activities are precisely and exactly interconnected so effecting one causes a change in the other. What you eat, drink and controlling to some extent the environment in which you breathe, CAN easily be controlled.

It is an irrefutable FACT that our outside world is a mirror of our inner body/mind and the reason why life is going into so much chaos is because we neglect the most important asset of our life, our body.

If you were able to map your body in some kind of tangible matrix on a piece of paper, outlining each organ as a ‘function’ just like an architect’s drawing and do the same with the experiences and objects in your outer life, you would see an EXACT AND PRECISE MATCH. Unlike C.S.I. the result would never be ‘it’s a 90% match boss“. It would be a 100% match.

By the same science, you could map an imprint of what’s inside your HOME and PERSONAL SPACES and that too would be a 100% match.

You don’t have to understand your body and how it works, any more than you need to understand your car engine, you simply need to understand that if the car does not get oil, premium fuel, water and air in the tyres, it will not ‘get you where you want to go’.

Likewise the car, just like your body, has been designed with specific functions and when those functions break down, everything else comes to a halt.

  • The health of your life is a perfect reflection of the health of your body / mind.

  • The wealth of your life is a perfectly connected to your health.

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