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So you’ve read all the books, had your healing sessions, bought all the courses and you’re still wondering if you missed something?

Just in case you missed the critical point or you need to hear it in another way (which can often be the case), here is what a successful day runs like… to effect good experiences and transformation.

You wake up. No matter how happy you went to bed somehow you have defaulted to feeling like the sky fell in. No matter how bad you feel you must remind yourself it is only a fleeting feeling, talk to yourself and turn your dialogue around so you expect a better experience. It’s up to you to send clear instructions to this day which is now effecting the experiences of your future.

You eat breakfast which should be loaded with nutrition (I recommend a protein shake with a selection of fruit, vitamins, minerals, herbs and whatever other good nutrition you can load up), if you are convinced you need caffeine then can you at least start your day with some herbal/green tea? If you are a “I don’t do breakfast” person I highly encourage becoming a “I do breakfast” person. You live inside your body and if you don’t take care of your body, you will have to leave.

While you are in the kitchen, think ahead on your water intake, load up some water bottles to keep in some handy places so you get to drink your 8 glasses. (car, office desk and bag).

If you are talking to others in the house, quit any negative talk about how busy today will be… how you hate your job… how you hope the day will whizz by etc. You need to LOOK at what you are saying and you can do that BEFORE you open your mouth, the words don’t have to come out.

Maybe, you need to drop off the children on the way to work but the traffic is backed-up. Decide that trying to be somewhere else fast derives no benefit. The place you are at right now is where the power is. Do the best with the moment.

If driving with the children is stressful, keep a CD in the car with music that you can all sing along to and make yourselves smile. Maybe you think this is naive, well at least go and put the CD in the car so you believe that a success is possible. If you don’t, you have already concluded that failure is imminent right?

You drive to work and take up opportunities to let people out, maybe pass up a great parking space as a gift for someone else (nearer your office)… or you take the bus and smile and thank the bus driver as you get on… give up your seat with a smile… and think good thoughts about people on the bus by looking for complimentary thoughts about how good somebody looks instead of judging how bad the red skirt looks with the yellow jumper!

You get into work taking the opportunity to open doors for others going in with you.

You smile at your colleagues and encourage them to start their day better and if you are getting coffee, offer to get others a cup.

Suddenly you get a task you don’t like. Well you now get the chance to up your game points. You’ve got to do it anyway so you might as well milk its benefits. Stop wishing it was done, be present, block out everything else and give it your best attention. Is this easy? No! However, this is what will separate you from an average life and will start a powerful game of transformation. You need to talk to yourself and tell yourself you are going to have a good attitude and this job is going to go well.

Perhaps on the other hand you are self employed and working at home. Are you actually putting to work any of the material you have invested thousands of dollars in or is it collecting dust because you tried it for a week, realised you are not going to commit to what it takes or you think it won’t get results so you quit.

NOTE: Don’t invest before you consider what is expected from you. You will only get disappointed and you may end up recommending it to someone else quite flippantly as ‘a waste of money’ which is unfair.

If you are working with someone you particularly don’t enjoy the company of, take a deep breath and remember that your vibrations are going to dictate how well or how badly this experience is going to go and don’t think for one second that you do not have power.

Perhaps this task is reminding you how much you don’t like this career. Well, what are you doing this day to either get clear about what does appeal to you, or do something practical like send out a CV, register yourself and your requirements with recruitment companies or even pick up a newspaper and browse the vacancies?

Keep in mind, when you are clear about what you want, the universe as a Creator will conspire with every resource in existence to make this happen for you (without question).

NOTE: Keep in mind when visualising your desires that the Universe as a Creator is an Artist. The more joyful and attractive the picture, the more he/she wants to paint. Have you ever seen any artist paintings or sculptures of money? No!

Visualise the job where you could see yourself using your skills and what kind of environment would be ideal for you… NOT what you think is available!

NOTE: The word ‘create’ is defined as “to cause to come into being, as something unique that would not naturally evolve or that is not made by ordinary processes.”… “to evolve from one’s own thought or imagination, as a work of art or an invention”.

Lunchtime comes. You need nutrition again. Do not overeat and make sure the meal is balanced. 40% of calories: healthy complex carbs (making sure you get 20gms of fibre per meal). 30% of calories: lean protein. 30% good fats.

NOTE: To ensure you know what moderate eating at one mealtime looks like..

– carbs such as pasta, potatoes, rice, corn, bulgur etc. should be no more than the size of a tennis ball.

– protein (such as fish, chicken, beef, turkey and lamb) should be no more than the size of your palm;

– fat such as the use of butter, oil and cheese should be no more than the size of the first digit of your thumb.

Don’t consume a glass of water or drinks until 20 minutes after your meal.

If you are chatting at lunchtime, stay away from gossip. Keep your mind on being a beacon of right thinking and behaving. If people speak critically or gossip, don’t participate. Even better, turn the conversation around to something positive. Most people don’t know how destructive they are and though you are not responsible for others’ lives you can still gain more kudos by helping others improve their life by showing them a better way. You WILL become your environment!

If you have the opportunity to go out and take at least 5 or 10 minutes of exercise and fresh air, excellent! Keep in mind that this 16 hour power slot called TODAY is a game power packed with windows of opportunity and each moment counts for something… either creative and serving you or just idle and wasted!

The afternoon begins and maybe you feel deflated. Work on your thoughts and feelings to turn it around. Imagine the game and consider the points you can gain for yourself by cheering up… nobody is going to make you do this but you will gain. Yes, your thoughts are going to want to tell you how miserable or bored you are and how much you want to complain to your colleagues but don’t, stop yourself!

It’s finally time to go home. You think about the journey home and decide ahead of time how bad you feel about the traffic, how full the bus or train will be. Interesting how you know what it will be like considering you haven’t even started out yet. STOP. Remember your game, every second counts and you have kudos to gain still.

You decide you are tired… well let’s just check whether that is really the truth or whether you just decide it is 5pm and so you should be tired. Test: Imagine that if in this moment somebody called you and told you that there was a million dollars available to you but you had to get to the airport and be on the flight to wherever in an hour. Check your feelings now, are you really tired OR do you suddenly find this energy from somewhere?!

Truth is we are all energy in fact everything is energy and we can gain energy from our cells if we need it as that little visualisation exercise just proved.

On your way home you stopped off to do some shopping and hopefully you kept to your shopping list and stopped putting ’emotional comfort’ items in the basket (food full of fat and sugar and things you already have but you want to buy to ‘pick yourself up’).

Did you decide you want to stay in lean shape, then check your basket before you get to the checkout. Did you decide you want to be smarter with your money, then look in the basket and see if there are only necessities in there or are there items you have to take home, clean, maintain and fill your cupboards with that you really don’t need.

Make sure your evening meal is balanced. It is easy to want to cut corners and grab something quick but it will cost you on so many levels. This game is about PROVING to yourself that you are serious about being well, strong, healthy and vital.

Your body is a machine but it is EVERYTHING YOU HAVE TO WORK WITH. Though you are mind which is the source of everything, without your body there is no experience for the mind to work through and create anything real. I know you might be looking at the ingredients and thinking “Oh, I can’t be bothered now, I’ll have it tomorrow” but don’t give up and be lazy. Make the effort. Cook the meal and then congratulate yourself for winning!

Don’t leave the dishes or the kitchen in a mess. Tell yourself that you want a tidy and organised home and so prove it by doing the washing up and doing everything you can to have a good attitude. As I said earlier, it has to be done anyway so power it up.

If you can get help ASK for it, don’t assume you can’t get it or get angry because people can’t read your mind or you are getting left with the job again. Choose the experience with your thoughts and feelings you are not a victim.

So do you have some quality time with the kids, read, catch up on some chores or watch TV? If you watch TV you need to be serious about what you are subliminally programming your mind with… this is no joking matter. Every image suggests a possibility within your mind. Select your programmes wisely! If you are reading, what are you reading about… what are you suggesting to yourself about life through this book. Don’t use books to escape unless it is going somewhere wonderful. Images and words are writing your future and you are in control in every minute, nothing is just happening to you.

NOTE: Perhaps you are dismissing the idea you are in control because some experiences are happening to you and you cannot see where in your life you are responsible for this.

Fact is that though you may not have created this pattern you may have inherited it through your genetics… however, regardless of the habits you have inherited, your effort can REWRITE them by stopping the habit.

No habit is ever easy to break no matter who you are or your background but with your expressed intention with the day you have in front of you, YOU CAN change it now! Quit telling yourself stories about it being harder for you than anyone else, this is just not true… small steps, one day at a time.

So now it’s close to 11pm and it would be wise to be heading for bed.

Now you climb into bed and feel angry at your partner because you are not getting the intimacy you want. Well let me remind you that the one who feels bad is the one with the problem. Your partner doesn’t owe you anything despite what you read about in magazines or have been spoon fed about how relationships are ‘supposed to be’. Your needs can only be met by treating people well and not assuming you are owed anything and your unhappiness is your responsibility.

Perhaps alternatively this time reminds you that you want a partner. Well, have you actually visualised the kind of life you want with a partner and does it create happy feelings (the Creator is not interested in miserable pictures of people crying themselves to sleep) he/she likes pictures of happy people walking in the woods, making sandcastles in the beach with the kids etc.

When you finally lay your head on the pillow, reflect on your day. Even if you slipped many times with your attitude, you still have the possibility to rewrite it and make some adjustments.

Did you send some bad thoughts to someone, send an apology and remind yourself you are forgiven and you intend to keep your mind on your own game even more tomorrow. Now let it go and consider a couple of specific activities you need to get done tomorrow in alignment with improvements you want. Perhaps the diet slipped and it was because you didn’t take a packed lunch!

Then congratulate yourself, remind yourself you did good, you are doing your best, be grateful for everything you have available whatever your resources are, find things to be grateful for.

Now relax, let go and enjoy a good sleep there is nothing more you can do today so let it go.


* * * * * * * * * *

All those extras you saw in this article that require you to take conscious control of your actions may see overwhelming considering what your day normally looks like. Well the bottom line is that it takes the same energy so you have everything to gain.

The reason why it generally doesn’t happen is because we either don’t realise that it really is this simple OR we don’t really want a better life enough to stop before we act or think about what we are saying and doing.

Fact is, you can’t stop yourself from thinking thoughts, they will wander in constantly but you can head them off when you see they are something ‘destructive’ and stop them from reaching your mouth or your keyboard or stop you dwelling on them enough to ride them into a bad feeling. Bad feelings create bad experiences.

You are a powerful force. Simply focus on turning yours around so that you can have a joyful day and keep your vibe and your attitude as powered up as much as possible. Joyful days lead to joyful weeks which lead to joyful years! Everything you relate to gets tarred with this attitude and energy you are in. That’s exciting.

When you have learned to take mastery of yourself during a day, you will see your life change in exciting ways if you keep it up. You truly can get anything you want from life if you stop and think about how you are behaving and considering the EFFECT it is having.

Big Question:- “So Annemarie, if it really is that simple, why is the self-development business a multi-billion dollar industry?!”

Answer:- “BECAUSE we won’t do the simple things required to control ourselves so we seek more and more knowledge to motivate and inspire us.” …and it is fabulous that it is available!

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