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Law of exchange requires a seed for success

The law of exchange is vital to receiving benefit

Spiritual laws show us the path to prosperity

Without seeding into something with an exchange you are being fooled into thinking you will benefit to the degree you think. If I watch a free video I am exposing myself to the subject and exposing my conscious to the subject matter; my physical action expresses intention. However, if there is no exchange then there is no return; a reason why we have so much access to free material but actually little changes. Even God makes it clear “Ask and ye shall receive” (not you shall receive).

If you want to benefit from someone’s anointed gifts, seed into them! In my case my tithe goes to ministries that share wisdom about how to harness the power of God. Think about the areas of weakness where you want access to resources to compensate and then seed into them. What is missing that you would like, find where that exists and seed into it. You don’t have to buy the material and get distracted reading it… make a donation!

You can invest without downloading or collecting

I am ever more aware that our biggest enemy in terms of creating transformation and results is distraction. That said, I have weaknesses that I want God to pour His Grace into it such as networking and marketing… however I am not going to spend weeks looking into material that frankly, I am not anointed to be doing. So I am not going to waste resources on material I won’t read (and waste resources from people on material that will collect dust… it is costing them money!)

What I can do is either make a donation, or buy the material with a message that I don’t need the item… or I can be a part of promoting their work as a way of seeding into their prosperity.

What is missing in your life, seed into it through someone else who has it!

Whether you are thinking about your tithe or wanting to prosper more, consider where are the places you want an injection of prosperity because they are weak in your life. Poor health? Seed in better nutrition, healing/therapy sessions for people in the world (please note that health care is not hospitals and medication, that is sickcare).. seed into what is missing in your life! Poor communicator? Seed into a business or individual who have those exceptional qualities.

When you seed, wrap your expectations around your seeding. Always say under your breath (not in your thoughts) “God thank you for the benefit of clear, effective communication in my relationship with my partner… my communication with my customers etc.”



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