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Law of attraction switched off sometimes

The Law of Attraction has glitches

Not so, ever. The law of attraction is constant and works for everybody in the same way all the time. If we accept the law of attraction then we must accept that we are magnetising everything that happens to us even though we cannot see how and why. We cannot manipulate it every time something comes along we don’t like and blame it on anything from heavy metals in our food to climate change.

Everything we pull in comes from a thought or feeling within us. Yes, it is considered 50% of this we inherit, in other words we are running beliefs from our parents and beyond… but nevertheless, we have power to change them.

The onslaught and demand for games, cartoon marketing and videos is evidence of how much the world is craving ‘lightness, fun, entertainment’ but really it would be more effective if we focus on how the emptiness has come about; we are moving away from our true, individual spirit.

A solution only lies where the problem lies.

All disease, sickness and struggle might appear it comes from nicotine, cancer, heavy metals, E numbers, the economy, the government but the truth is that these circumstances are simply a physical manifestation of the energy inside us.

Example: We attract harmful parasites because we are behaving like a parasite. A parasite is “an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment.” When you eat yourself up and devour every good thought every time it comes up, you are in fact becoming a harmful parasite to yourself.

Cancer is a condition where an organ such as your colon or bodily function becomes starved of lifeforce; an organ cannot decide to live or die it us driven by lifestyle. Lifeforce is love. It’s not medicine that stops cancer, it is how we are thinking, feeling and living. I know it is a bold thing to say and I don’t say this lightly. It is imperative that we help each other to fulfill our deepest desires and hopes. That is how we keep cancer at bay. Pray for everyone’s life to be covered in love.

Nicotine: it is not the nicotine that causes cancer or disease, it is why a person is smoking that causes disease. If nicotine caused cancer every person who inhaled it would die. The nicotine is simply a physical expression showing a person that they are desperately seeking peace on some level. Asking people to stop is not the solution, helping people find happiness is; there is no motivation to stop without sending a message to the soul that a more encouraging situation will ensue.

It is not bacteria and viruses that kill people if that was the case Mother Teresa would never have lived a long and healthy life in the conditions she worked. Bacteria and viruses can only effect us when our strong healthy body mechanisms breakdown and are weakened. That is because of our lifestyle living out of a place of love, honour and respect. Biologists have proven that if cells from the same genetics are put into different environments they imitate the environment. So why didn’t Mother Teresa get sick?… well apart from the passion and love she kept in her heart to help people… she called in God in prayer. What/who is God? Pure love.


I advocate good nutrition (and highly recommend Herbalife products); I will promote them until the day I die I am sure but it is a possibility that I am still open to getting sick. Not because the nutrition is not full of lifeforce as they are based on herbs but because I still hold toxic, unloving, fearful thoughts and feelings inside.

So why bother with good nutrition? Because the money I spend proves I believe that I am being filled with nature’s lifeforce… it proves that I believe I am worth investing in… it proves that I prioritise being well. It is not the information or the product itself that transforms me, the activity to purchase or become involved in the activity proves that I believe I can transform.

So am I proving that everything is placebo?

Yes, everything is placebo. The word placebo originates from ‘placeo’ meaning to please, to make acceptable and was introduced by the medical profession as a form of deception (for well intended reasons). That is exactly what a placebo is, it is something that deceives you into accepting pleasing circumstances.. you are convincing yourself to believe what you need to believe to be happy.

The law of attraction states you will attract everything which you are thinking and feeling. Everything in your life is under this law not just some things because they are politically correct to agree with or because we daren’t speak the truth.

  • Nothing in this world can destroy my life but me (and God).
  • Nothing in this world can cause phenomenal prosperity but me (and God)

Miracles of healing can occur overnight simply praying to God (I recommend the book The Healing Code) … but it is still the power of the person to ask God; this is proving belief!

My most important focus is keeping my thoughts and feelings wholesome, healthy, full of hope and enthusiasm and encouraging others to do the same… because how I treat people is in fact how I treat myself inside…

… and if I want to maintain health and abundance I must put that out into the world which is an extension of me as a living organism. In order to free myself from captivity and be free to be truly me I must go about encouraging others to be free to follow their own hearts, opinions, ways of living.

The power of the word why to heal paths to your prosperity

Before you do anything, ask why you are doing it to find out what you are really thinking and feeling. If you are thinking bad thoughts about people or yourself, STOP; technically by doing this we are criminals.

There are dark forces at work in this world and the battle is on. There have always been dark forces. Are they winning because they are getting stronger? No, they are winning because we are letting go of love, honour, respect and righteous values. We are so busy we are dangerously lazy in our thinking and then blaming it on everything when we should be looking at the source, i.e. me.

Light will never overpower dark, dark only disappears or is powerless when light is switched off.

In ages gone by we as humans didn’t entertain thoughts that we could sick from things, now we do… that is why we are weakened… not because the world is making us weaker. Your body is a phenomenal piece of machinery that would shock you in its ability to recover, rejunvenate, restrain harm if you could see the truth about your own design. It is our own mind and emotions which is the source of our problems… and therefore the solution.

Your safety, security and ultimate fulfillment lies in kindness, love, respect and honour for others and for yourself… if you focus on that in all your activities you will do more for your life than any other action… and you know what, IT IS FREE.


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  1. NetzieNetzie11-20-2012

    I spend years bending this law… You know with closed eyes seeing it, hearing and feeling “it”… Then I peeked with just one eye half open… Nothing… Squeeze harder! Waiting (with no patience) LOL! Then got up and walked away. Later to return to “get in” again…. Didn’t realize that I had it all wrong!
    I thought I could take some time away from my vision while I did other stuff? But unless the “vision” with the entire feeling vision and hearing is present at all time…. The law is not in play.

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