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Know your man and attract prosperity

Prosper an abundant life in your life with your man

As many of my articles have explained, our relationships are a mirror of the relationship within ourself and to be prosperous we have to be in the flow.

So ladies, let’s take a look at your man. Knowing him is the key to loving him and the key to loving him is the key to a more prosperous and abundant life.

What you must always remember about your man and keep it alive:

1. He must always have a battle to fight;
2. He must always have an adventure to live;
3. He must always have a beauty to save.
(These three references come from John Eldredge “Wild at Heart”)

As with everything that is created, when it performs its core functions it thrives and you need to have things in your life that are thriving because you win.

Battle to fight – Self Confidence

Your man will always be a warrior at heart, he was made that way and the more secure he is the more of a warrior he will be. He needs courage and security and the best way to give him that is firstly to accept his need to be fighting a cause and secondly he needs validation that he is a strong protector.

Reminding your man constantly that “We’ll be OK, don’t worry… with all that fabulous strong energy and stamina you have, what can harm us… you always work things out, you always cause great things to happen...” is what your man needs to hear.

It would always be very helpful to know his childhood relationship with his father to find out if he felt validated, i.e. “You can do it son, I love you, you are great!”

If your partner didn’t get that then it is even more prevalent that the success and prosperity in your lifestyle depends on you giving this to him. Never mind how you feel, whether you think he deserves it or how upset, stressed, angry you are. Your life in this relationship is the way it is because everything is messed up. It’s natural dynamic of loving, harmony and clear identity is out of balance. Did you make him that way? No, however you did attract him to show you something within yourself which needs empowering.

It is important to help him become all that he was made to be. If your motive is right and full of genuine love for him, your life will thrive. It many not prosper perhaps the plan you had but remember this, if your plan was based on a messed up version of you how rich and abundant do you think your plan would have been? If you do the right thing, your life will be right. In John 10:10, Jesus makes it clear what that version of a right life means… “I came that you may live life, to the full, in abundance until it overflows“. That is some promise and it is ours for the taking!

Save a beauty – Personal Power

Another function of your man’s gender is to “save a beauty”. There is the Lancelot aspect of him where he needs to be the hero that rides in and the saves the day.

Well“, you argue, “I am constantly asking him to do things for me but I get a different reaction, he is angry and irritated“. That’s because being a ‘damsel in distress’ is a clear and defined attitude.

It is not “Yo, Lancelot get your butt in here, we have kids and it’s time you took out the rubbish as you promised!

It is “Honey, could I get your help with some jobs today, I love your stamina… or you do things much better, quicker than I do…. or I’m really struggling honey, could you help me, I’d appreciate it.” Then when he has done it, thanking him!

How do you know you are getting the attitude right? Well that’s pretty simple, just ask yourself would you be attracted to running in to help or do you feel this big fat heavy finger pressed against your back?

Up until meeting my husband at 38, I was fiercely independent and had always done everything alone even holidayed alone. When I moved into a relationship with my partner my reality took a 360 degree turn. My husband takes care of so many jobs without me even asking him. He does that because I never point the finger, I never expect but he picks up on my energy and senses the need to “be a hero”.

Am I capable? Heck, I’m a woman, we are amazing but my prosperity is playing other magnificent roles!

I was so messed up I even used to get angry with a guy if he opened the door for me. I used to think “Don’t you think I can even open a door for myself!” Now I love it and I make sure the guy knows it! Boy did I get it wrong and boy was my life miserable.

Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy?

We can take this dynamic right back to the beginning to Adam and Eve, they had only just been created when Adam had to run in to save Eve who had just started getting herself into a mess (and this was probably just the honeymoon!).

Adventure to live – Self Expression

Your man needs to have some time to be adventurous. Don’t try to understand his fishing trips, his computer games or his golf but it is important that he gets time and freedom to do that.

Everything in this world is attached to relationships. The world is a mess because of what is happening energetically within us and the evidence of that can be see in the relationships around us.

The general climate of the world unkind, selfish and even countries are losing their identity. Statistically one in two marriages are breaking up. This is happening because we are losing our identity. We are not committed to ourselves, are unkind to ourselves and only see our point of view.

Men focus on what they can see

Another very important quality about a man is understanding that he is ‘physical’ in his understanding of the world. He operates in the world he can see whereas women have strengths in the etheric realms such as thoughts and feelings. We are strong in ‘sensing’ things.

This explains why we complain when our man doesn’t buy us flowers or treat us. He is much more simple than we imagine. He looks at what is happening and takes it as fact. He doesn’t see you buying flowers for yourself! That is why so often women get kitchen equipment as christmas presents and then get furious! He sees those things as the things that matter to us because we ‘prove’ they are. We set ourselves up as stressed out, super heros and then wonder why he gets mixed signals.

Why do we find it so hard to do what we need to do to love our partner?

Well simply because we are all wounded somewhere and so we are bent on self protection. That can take many forms… hiding, controlling, perfectionism (we all have one). If we can risk letting go of our own self protection enough to simply think about what our partner needs to thrive, the benefits are nothing short of incredible.

The truth is that we all have male and female qualities written into our DNA and these can help us but the problem is we don’t have good examples.

For example, as a woman there are times you need Herculean strength particular in the face of raising children but without seeing that strength which your husband is here to demonstrate or seeing it in men around you get it all wrong too and you don’t get to see how natural that strength could be! Surround yourself and empower men to be who they are so you have fabulous examples thriving in your world. What goes on in the outside, effects the inside. You will become your environment.

To know him is to be loving enough to accept him. To accept him and allow him to be him is to have him thrive, be prosperous, successful, abundant and happy.

Whether you like it or want to acknowledge it or not, what is happening in your partner is always effecting the prosperity, happiness and health in your life and it is in your interest to find peace.

Always keep in mind the purpose of marriage. It is to add another dynamic to your life to help you achieve more happiness, love, abundance and health. If God has blessed your marriage then the reason why he gives the blessing is to let you know that He will make sure you have everything you need for both of you to be the best you can be and experience the best of what life has to offer. So if your joy is dressing up, having dinner parties, driving convertible cars he is going to make sure you have everything you need to have the best of what you want. He put the desire there in the first place when he made the special, unique person you are!

Bailing out on relationships just means you meet the same situation again. Your partnership is a physical representation of literally how your cells are relating. Love your man, love your self!

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  1. PeterPeter05-14-2011

    Hi Annemarie!

    I am floored! What a fantastic insight this gave me!
    When I saw John and his wife as a guest speaker on Joyce Meyers TV Podcast and he shared some of this from his incredible book. I felt it way down deep. The first time I said out load “Please Christ Jesus heal my wounded heart” I just cried like a baby!

    I felt the connection and the presence of Christ and my male heart totally open to the love from our Father! To receive the love and healing! It’s now a part of my daily prayer! 🙂

    I relate so much to this… I feel it and live it daily (the wounded heart and insight is new..) the support you give me every day is letting and supporting me in becoming all I can be and my Father will do what I can not do. 🙂

    Thanks for being here for me and to share

    Love and hugs


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