Vision Test – You need to see success!

Test your vision – problem-solving depends on it!

1. Can you find Wilko’s dog biscuit?

Sarah’s new puppy has lost his bone and needs your help to spot it – can you find it? Spend no more than 5 minutes looking for Wilko’s bone. If you can’t find it after five minutes click here to reveal his whereabouts.


2. Re-write this passage to be more efficient and effective

“I, Annemarie Doolin do solemnly declare that I will spring clean my house from top to bottom. I am going to clean every room. I will throw out everything that I do not use anymore or have not used in the last year. I will not stop until it is thoroughly done. I will take out all the furniture so there are no spaces that I miss. I will polish, hoover and remove any marks using whatever it takes to remove any stains and marks. I will clean the windows inside and out. I am committed to doing this.”

When you have completed this click here

Once you are satisfied then click here to see how well you see your ability to be efficient